Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am SOOOO excited !!

Wow !!! I am sooooo excited !!! Life is cracking along and bringing joy with it every day ! I have so many things coming up that I am THRILLED about ... I can't contain it !!!! WOOT WOOT !!!

Mama Mia - as a big happy fun family outing - in Halifax in 11 sleeps. I cannot wait !! Charlie & I saw it in Toronto and were OVERWHELMED ... have always wished I could see it again !! Sooo... we are ... and with a whole crowd of people that we love & adore. All heading into the city in a van full of excitement . (Too bad it wasn't like a Partridge Family van ... that would be so cool !!)Should be an amazing night !!

Birthday parties galore this weekend ... what's not to love about that ?? Cake, good meals, great company, presents given, laughter & excitement. MARVELOUS !!

A Craft Swap ... in (gulp) 2 1/2 weeks ... this may be my favourite part of the holidays !! Ten of us gather to swap handmade items - like a cookie exchange but it is all manner of crafted items ... cards, candles, jams, ornaments, ... anything. We laugh, we "TA DA" our goodies, we eat, we have a great evening. And then we get together in a year's time to do it all again. It really is great fun !

Busy Busy Busy plans for work ... and I have a partner in crime so I am really excited. Together I think we can realize all the dreams & plans I have and then come up with more. We work together well and are ready to take the world by storm ... EXCITED !!!

And then there will be the caramel corn making marathon, the hot pepper jelly day, bits'n'bites, baking, crafting, making Christmas gifts, hunting down the perfect Christmas gifts, visits, dinners, Friday night date nights, a fun promised baby sitting evening , crafty crafty things, ... oh so much !!! Soooooo excited !!!!
( I am pinching myself ... is this all real ?? Hot damn !! It is !!!)

... a few of my favourite things ...