Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My groove is back !!! I have kicked butt this week !! New shelving set up at work, new work area set up, tossed bags & bags of junk, sorted papers, paid bills, baked cookies, gardened a bit, weekly card kits back in production, made an awesome sample for work, new computer set up & actually loving it !!, unpacked MANY boxes, processed orders, updated store blog & page, dumpster-ed stuff, made lists and plans ... I am on a rolllll !!!
Watch for happy, non-complaining blog posts !!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-occupied ...

I have been pre-occupied ... this has been my problem and it is taking me over !! Hives are my best friend & constant companion every day since January...24/7.... sometimes a dozen, sometimes well over hundred ... but there EVERY STINKING DAY. And when the triggers are bad , they become this ... (sorry for the yucky picture ...) and this is after a few days of healing.


It sucks. And it seems to dictate what I do. "Kneel down ? OOPS !! GET UP !! You'll get hives !!". "Be careful, if the cat scratches you, you'll be sorry !" "Don't get too hot/get that heating pad off you/don't exert yourself." Blah blah blah ... sucks. (I said that already didn't I ???!)

So I spoke too soon about it all going well ... but now I have become a real oddity and I have a TEAM of people reviewing the photos & biopsies. And it is hives but with something that is not hives ... interesting ... So I look forward to progress and finding my wonderful fall groove again. I got kicked out of that groove with a big ugly sucker punch to the gut, and I am DETERMINED to find the groove and climb back in. I will. So there.

P.S. I am starting a "hive diary" ... "The Year my Skin Turned on Me..." ... I hope it will help ... help the specialists and help me vent this junk out of me !! HAHA !!!

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