Friday, May 29, 2009

YING and then thankfully YANG

Wow... yesterday was an electrically charged day. It was a day of highs and lows. A day of absolute hurt & charming friendship and love. A day of secrets from more than 40 years ago. It all started out looking pretty swell. I had my arms raised up to embrace the day and all it held. And then I had a virtual sucker punch right to the stomach. Wow ... never saw THAT coming. Tears & hurt poured out. But then a wonderful email out of the blue - cosmic karma maybe ? - or a bandage for a wounded soul- and the balance of the world seemed to tip back towards balanced again. Then a visit from a friend and upcoming lunch plans - another happy tip . Then dinner with friends. So the day ended up with a much happier slant but tears were shed on my pillow for old secrets and new secrets. But today is a new day and I am hoping for more ups than downs. P.S. MORE UPS !!! HOORAY!!!
And then the happy weekend will be here and I am off to buy books to devour , books to inspire me, books to teach me wonderful new things, plants to place tenderly in the earth, plants to nurture, plants to symbolize hope. And maybe some lettuce and ham.
Have a happy one ... tip the balance to the GREAT side !!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's a quickie for you ...

... a quick update that is !!
It has been a crazy busy time.
Sunday we had lunch with our niece Kari & her boyfriend Brent. We went to Wolfville and had a leisurely 3 hour lunch ... gotta love that !! It was great to catch up on all she is doing. Gosh, we love that girl !! She is spectacular !
Then we shopped a bit for things like a vacuum ( in a FAB lime green I might add !!) and stopped off for a quick badminton match with our young friends Jason & Brandon. All caught up on the birthday news & wish lists, we wandered home to catch up there on less exciting things ( ... laundry, dishes, ...) !!
Then I pulled double duty on Monday & Tuesday. I was "Seed Woman" at the feed store. My family had gone to Alberta for my Gramma's memorial service so I filled in out back. Because of the stores, not all of us could go & since I am trying to be in denial about the whole thing, I was happy to stay here. Attending a funeral would not work with my delusional approach. Anyway, that spilled into a busy Wednesday - I scooped more seeds- and that leaves me here with a ton of beads to bottle up and a box of over 21000 pieces to be sorted, bagged, weighed, and put out. Hmmm ... that shouldn't take long ....
But the BEST news is that we rototilled up our land for our GARDEN last night.Charlie did the tilling & I raked. I am sooo freakin' excited !!! ( And I got to wear my wonderful boots ...!!!). We started in one spot & after Charlie sunk to the top of his very tall boots, we had a change of thought !! So now we have a super wet patch for pumpkins, an amazing loamy spot for our wonderful veggies, and a big semi wet spot for an onion field ... ( can't let those sprouting onion sets at the store go to waste !). I AM A PIONEER !!!
So today will be a major bagging & counting day, tonight out for wings with friends, then home to work on the books for last year. Then Saturday is a trip to Halifax for seeds for the store which will bloom into a full out shopping afternoon and Sunday is PLANTING DAY !!! WAHOO!!! Then into June with some special birthdays and more fun stuff !!
Have a super week !!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

25 Quick Things ROckIN' & GrOOvIN' My DAy !!

Here's a quick list of great things ... interspersed with photographic proof that I am keeping up my end of the bargain I made (with myself) to create everyday. I did take a few days off when life got in the way but I am BACK AT IT !!!
Here's my list !!!
1. Fresh fiddleheads.
2. My FAB BBQ - love it !!
3. "The 100 Mile Diet" - I am so inspired !!
4. Brunch on Sunday with our much loved niece Kari.
5. my new paper trolley - organized - semi ...
6. Garden planning & seed purchasing. Speaks of hope ...
7. A visit with my friend Cathy - so nice to chat and reconnect !!
8. A half full dumpster ... success is near !!
9. Making bracelets...
10. 12lbs less of me (heehee!!)
11. Finding the mother lode of vintage bottles in my upstairs clean up - soldering gun here I come !!
12. Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards & Doodlebug glitter... Yummy !!
13. Treadmilling...okay not loving it but I am loving myself for doing it FAITHFULLY !!
14. Rhubarb ... jewel like colours ... tart & tangy
15. Johnny's Famour Burgers ... grilled pineapple chili sauce burger& sweet potato fries ... I need not say more ...
16. awesome new SHARP wire cutters
17. still lovin' my new rubber rhubarb-gathering boots
18. a huge box of beads on its way !!
19. "The Sugar Queen" by Sarah Addison Allen
20. CROBOTS ... need to learn crochet ... I can do it !
21. Serena Ryder
22. Cora's mountain of fruit breakfasts !!
23. hummingbirds at the feeder
24. my PINK silicon tongs ... tongs NOT THONGS !!!
25. vacation dreaming ... where to go ??

Have a SUPER weekend !!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not the same ol' me ... Next post will be a HAPPY one !!

I have not been the same ol' me lately ... I am generally a happy person & I have a lot of fun. And I won't even say that I try to be positive and happy - because generally I just AM - no trying needed. (Okay ... during the Plumbing Crisis of February 2009, I did have to try some - it wasn't always immediately obvious where the humour was ...!!!) But then in March my grandmother fell, then she had a heart attack and had to be hospitalized. Then it was decided that she would need to move to a nursing home. I began to worry. But then, like a disease, the worry spread. I became weighed down by worry and totally preoccupied with it - I worried about Gramma, I worried about my aunt who was trying to look after all of it, I worried about my poor old cat, I worried about a friend who had troubles and another who had lost her mom, I worried about my family & my brother, I worried about Charlie & how hard he was working, I worried about my business... THE LIST NEVER ENDED !!! I really only felt about half here. I was a semi participant in my own life !! And , while it is easy to say "Don't worry" , it isn't always easy to do it. Then my Grandmother died.And it broke my heart. I told hardly anyone - I didn't really talk about it to anyone. And it just got sadder as the days went on. And then Boo. Wow ... quite a crappy spring when you come right down to it. So ... I figure it has to get better from here ...And I am ready to let all the worrying go ...( Did you hear me ? GO !! GET OUT !!) And maybe get back into my life full time ... I'm ready !
Just one little footnote .Here's a stupid story about me though ... I had a hedgehog named Prickle. He was adorable. He lived at the store for a while but then all the activity was too much for him, so I moved him home. People often asked about Prickle. Now, hedgehogs live about 5 years, and that is exactly what Prickle lived. But ... even now ... 8 years after his death, if people ask how Prickle is , I say "Fine." FINE ??!!! He would be a freakin' Guinness Book of Records hedgehog with a life span like that. I LIED !!! And on Saturday I told someone that Boo was out back. Technically true but , not really. I CANNOT say sad news from my mouth - I can type it but I CANNOT say it. So I lie ... how weird is that ??? A bit too much like Norman Bates and his mother propped up in the basement ... I guess I should work on that.
So ... now that I have poured my heart out & confessed that I am a liar ... I promise the next post will be a happy joyful post ... although I do lie ... hmmm.. NOT THIS TIME I SWEAR !!! I am ready to get on with better days !!
Find the joy in your day & tell a friend how special thay are ... it's all good !!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A sad day at Classic Hobbies

Well, I was pumped for yesterday. I was sure that it was going to be a great day. And it was. I had tons of great customers in, met some new ones, unpacked some fabulous beads, put out great scrapping stuff. It was a sweet day. But then at 5 o'clock, as I was closing up, things changed drastically. Boo had some big health difficulties which led to quick calls to the vet and then a fast trip over to meet her. The end that we had known was coming had arrived. And although we were expecting it, it was no less difficult. At about 6pm, Boo peacefully passed away.
He had become very difficult to look after, with some terrible new habits, but he had been such a great cat that we really owed it to him to do what we could as long as we could. As we buried him, all I could remember was the great big handsome sparkling white cat that everyone loved so much. His favourite thing to do was sleep on the counter in a box wrapped in Christmas paper. The funniest part of that was that his warm breath would cause the dye to run and he would wake with a green smudge on his head. He learned to shake a paw for treats and was always wandering the store, offering his paw to customers for treats. He has been a great CEC (Chief Executive Cat) at Classic Hobbies and he had many fans. He received gifts, Christmas cards, emails, visits, treats, lots of pats, and even pieces of chicken !
While we are very sad we are also very grateful. Grateful to the good Doctor Sara Bates. She was so gentle and showed him such kindness and compassion. She made a difficult thing so much easier. She is an awesome vet and a superb person. Thank you Sara !
We are grateful that this happened at 5 and not 20 minutes later. We were with him and able to help him. Otherwise he would have been alone.
We are grateful to all the kindness people have shown Boo over the years. He was truly loved.
We are grateful to Natalie Wheaton who took such wonderful pictures of him years ago. Great memories.
And mostly, we are grateful to Mr. Boo Radley for choosing us as his family. He was a great ambassador and friend. He was loved and will be missed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oooohh ... the Bead Bounty ....


listen ... do you hear that ?

If you hear just S-I-L-E-N-C-E, you are correct !!! Yes, blissful non squirrel silence !!! No chewing, no scratching, no chattering, no scurrying.... SILENCE.
I have not seen any little brown flashes from the corner of my eye; I have not heard any rustling. I am "sans squirrels". WAHOO!!!!
Today is going to be a sweet day ... it is on the countdown to a long weekend, there seem to be no squirrels inside with me, I have a great big box of FAB scrapbook supplies to unpack, and this afternoon FedEx is bringing me a carton of lampwork beauty that will thrill me to the core !!! It will be a great day !! I am always happy and grateful that I sell what I do. Delivery day is like a great childhood Christmas - every item brings ooos and aaas, I am delighted with each thing pulled out. I would hate to work at a nuts and bolt store - "Look Marge - a new order. Can't wait to see what these bolts look like ..."
Anyway... hope your day is as great as mine is going to be !!! Live it and love it !!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay ... I am at 4 squirrels so far . Is that more than the daily quota of most people ?? I have to say that they become less cute very time I see one in here.
I caught #3 last night. According the Charlie "Three is a NORMAL litter so that's the last". NORMAL ?? NORMAL ??? I asked him what he thought was NORMAL about squirrels plopping out of the heat ducts ??? Anyway, #3 (the NORMAL last squirrel) was in the cage and I triumphantly carried it outside, smug in my victory. Can you imagine my face when I opened the door and ANOTHER one ran by me ??
I was close to curling up into the fetal position, crying and sucking my thumb.

SO I marched - scowling- back out to get the trap yet again.But #4 was a bit smarter and was still on the lam when we came in this morning.
It was quite a morning with the last crazy little bugger ... customers trying to throw their coats over him, Dad wailing at his hiding places with a 2x4, me kicking the hell out of the shelves & counters trying to scare him into the trap, Nellie cat lurking around licking her lips ...oh ... I was so glad when I was finally able to chase him into the (live) trap and hear that "SNAP" . He was trapped !!! I carried him outside so he could be loaded into the car and relocated. But ... Charlie was busy so he fed him dried mango to keep him happy while he waited for the voyage ??! Is that wise ? Should we make him think it would be worth the trek back ??? Anyway ... hopefully OUR normal is 4 ... and that is the last INTERIOR SQUIRREL I will see in a long time !!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



A BIG day at the beadstore ?? A big sale ?? An earthquake ?? NOoooooo .... this would be the aftermath of baby squirrel #3 that has found it's way into the store , dropping from the heat duct ...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ThESe ArE a FEw oF mY FaVOUriTE

Oh my ... I am lovin' these things ! I know it isn't really correct to be materialistic ...but DAMN I LOVE THINGS !!
We had to take a flying trip to Halifax on Saturday after work ... all sorts of work things to pick up ( paper bags, containers, bulk seeds...). When we were done we did a little "non-work" shopping. I cam home with a few treasures, a birthday present for a friend, and a whole stack of beeeeyoootiful magazines !! I will be a happy clam for the next few weeks !!
Here is my first treasure ... rainy days will be puddle-jumpin' happy !!
Then ...dundun dundun ... the most amazing ice cube tray EVER !!!
Then a great book ... it has me super inspired ... I can't see myself ever giving up black tea but I will certainly be looking closer to home, if not AT home, for more of my food. I highly recommend this book !
And last ... but surely not least ! ... my first step in my ZERO MILE diet .... my own home grown sprouts !!!
Hope you all find yourselves a few little treasures this week and ask yourself this "Who grew your food ?"
Have a great one !!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Antsy ... What to do first ???

I am at an antsy spot - I want to do so many things & I feel my old kick coming back... but where to start ?
So here is my plan ... I am going to run off & join a travelling REPTILE FREE circus for just a week - that's enough I think. ( I do realize that I have real life to live too !) And I will live on popcorn & cotton candy, listening to that plink plink music, take water to the elephants, comb the big cats, scratch the dancing poodles under the chin, shovel monkey poop, tell the fat lady that she is just big boned, and make friends with the lion tamer - not the guy that bites the heads off chickens though - ick , he's on his own. After that I will come back more focused.
Sounds like a great plan - anyone want to come ?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let'S rOll !!!!!

WOW !!! I have been involved in so many things lately ... running like a hamster in a big wheel ... flip flip flip .... no further ahead but running running running. BUT ... the wheel has stopped ! My commitments are finished , the blisters are here to prove it, but the jobs have been done & all is well. SO now ... LET'S ROLL !!! I am excited to get back to a whole mother lode list of
*******THINGS I WOULD LOVE TO DO !!!*****
SO as of today ... okay maybe tomorrow actually ... the rollin' begins !! Tonight I will be off to the epicerie ... sounds so sweet in French, n'est ce pas ? Actually it is the grocery store ( see ? not quite as charming ...) to load up the larder with all things healthy. Step one. Then I will wash all the dishes that seem to have come to roost in the sink in the last few days, sweep the lovely cat hair carpet up off the floor, do a s**t load of laundry, clean the BBQ, and just whatever. Then I am starting my projects ... I have so many in my head !!! I want to make a million things starting with a collage tribute to my grandmother. Then I have 999,999 other paper projects to do. (I also made a little deal with myself that I will craft something - be it large or small- every day for 30 days and then I will feel "entitled" to buy myself a Dremel drill and drill press. Who bribes THEMSELVES ??? And , hmmm, did I lie to myself ... did I really mean to keep my part of the deal ..... ???? Am I just going to go buy it in 30 days ... or 5 days ????) And I want a FAB garden ... yellow zucchini, baby eggplants, hot peppers, spinach, crazy greens, heritage tomatoes, herbs, easter egg radishes ... can't wait !!! And I will buy flowers ... I always do ... even though I don't mean to, and then I buy so many that I need to get more planters , and so on and so on ... I want to have friends come over for a BBQ and I want to take friends to lunch, I want to laugh & play, I want to yard sale & haunt flea markets, I want to start planning a beach fire night ... oh I AM EXCITED !!! The ROLLIN' is on BABY !!!!

... a few of my favourite things ...