Thursday, January 27, 2011

welllllll ... it was *quite* a week ...

Gee, you know ... I try to keep it positive, try not to whine or complain, kvetch & carry on (on my blog ... in real life , I can hold a pity party as well as the next guy !!) ...and sometimes I slip , but I try. But then this week came along ... and OH it was a doozy !!! I could say a few positive things like ... I am alive. There are still undiscovered species in the world. ummm .... but that is nothing like my week !!!
I have an ongoing hand/arm problem that was dealt with about 5 years ago ... involved 2 surgeries and 3 bouts of phsyio. And then finally some DEEP bruising physio that fixed it. I made radical work & career changes and then happily carried on ... thinking it would never return.
Sloooowly over the last few years ...DUN DUN DUN ... it did return. So I ignored it until I couldn't and decided to bite the bullet and start deep tissue massage therapy ( and literally bite the bullet ... or my lip... or anything ...) . Found a great therapist and off I go. OWWWWWWW!!!! It was brutal as I expected but what I didn't bargain on was an allergic reaction to the soothing balm ... irony ... My arms turned bright eat-my-flesh-off-the-bones red with the whole arm being a raised welt. Both arms. Nothing could touch them. Then came the blisters. ooey yucky blisters. As the therapist said ... if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have none. Yep. I agree sometimes. This is after 2 weeks of constant hives because I was pretending to myself to have no worries about this whole problem. "Me ? I'm not worried . Nah. " POP POP POP HIVE HIVE HIVE . SO I have been one sweet BLOTCH for all of this week too. Yesterday I had such a big hive on my foot, I couldn't wear my shoe the last half of the day !!
But ... it is getting much better. Skin is white again (except for the hives) and I can touch my arms !! WAHOO !!! And this may be an honour ... "Worst Arms Ever" was my diagnosis. Like human bubble wrap to massage. Pretty sweet huh ??! I'm so making a badge to wear to my next session !!
But there is a bright spot ... I am going to tell you what my secret fear was ... when the yellowy globs started appearing on my arms, I had no idea they were blisters. I was horrified. I thought the fat in my arms had all globbed together into these hideous masses ... I was terrified it would stay that way !!! (now it may have been all the Benadryl ... let's say it was ... but that was my honest to god fear ...) I was DELIGHTED to find out they were blisters !! So silver lining to every cloud ... hey ! I did end up saying something positive after all !!
Have a great week !!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Give PEACE a Chance ... All I am saying ...

Back in 1969 John Lennon & Yoko Ono held a "bed-in" to promote peace. I'm thinking they had something there. Our new sheets may hold the key ...


Friday, January 7, 2011

THeSe aRe A FeW of My FaVouRiTe ThiNgS ... !!

*** A few years ago we did address the issue of hoarding ... let's just say it involved renting - and filling - a dumpster. AND discovering AMAZING things that had been squirreled away. It did show me the importance of a tiny bit of restraint and more organization but it did not squelch my love of stuff ... nothing could do that, I'm sure !! ***
So this year I am going to share from time to time some photos of my favourite things ... and there are many !!
In honour of the New Year ... fresh start, clean page , standing on the precipice of the sparkling New Year ready to dive in ... I have these faves for you !!
This is my clock in my workroom. I ADORE it ! It makes me smile every time I look at it !! I fully live by the concept ... DO IT NOW !!! Don't wait ! (Oh, I only apply this to fun stuff ... I can easily put off vaccuuming or other icky tasks... this may explain why I have lots of fun but a messy house ... but, really, who cares !!)Photobucket
This hangs on the wall ... actually near the clock ... just in case I have a pang of responsible conscience ... a second opinion !!
And last but not least ...
My Damned Dollies !! I love these dolls. They are made by a girl in Toronto and I buy one each time I go to the One of a Kind Craft Fair. They are so fun ... and saucy !! I love their rebellious nature . How fun is a doll with an eye patch and a knife ?! I gave them a CN Tower so they wouldn't get homesick ...
Have a great week !!

... a few of my favourite things ...