Friday, October 29, 2010

my so-so life ...

Yes, my life is so-so ... SO SO SO GREAT !!! Haha !

You know I have spent too much time despairing about how busy I am and feeling overwhelmed but underneath the fuss I always feel a great current of gratitude. So here's a little recap of why I am so busy and so freakin' lucky !!!

* I have been working HARD everyday and most nights until fairly late on stuff for work - I am LUCKY to have a good busy business that I ENJOY.

* I was making pies at 12:30 at night for the community supper - I am HAPPY to LIVE in such a nice community. And I got home late that night because I was ENJOYING myself out with family at dinner. And I am THANKFUL that Charlie got to have along visit with his brother .

* I was party planning late the night before the event ... fussing and stewing over details. And this was because I was HONOURED to have a SURPRISE birthday party thrown by some of my favourite people in the whole world. They were worried that it would be hard to get me there because I had so much to do ...but family dinner ? I always MAKE TIME for fun , family, friends. That's what life is really all about. Who cares if you have to stay up later to finish other things ?!

* Presents from two super excited children. I was SO TOUCHED by their thoughtfulness & excitement. They had made me a beautiful coat hanger decorated with drawings that were really special to me, had chosen a gift at the store that is SO me, and illustrated a card with all things that mean a lot to me. The fact that they put so much love & care into what they did and their excitement really overwhelmed me. I am so FORTUNATE !

* A set of measuring cups ... made by a dear niece who spent several days at the Clay Cafe painting them BY HAND with wonderful Hallowe'en images ... I loved them but when I realized that she MADE them, I had to stop talking. The lump in my throat made it impossible. The LOVE I felt was incredible.

* The excitement level at this party as described by my other beautiful niece as "5 year old birthday party excitement" was PERFECT !!! The cards, the dinner, the amazing & so delicious cake, the fun and FAB presents, ... it all added up to a wonderful evening. Won't forget it !!!

* A good crowd of family & friends to carve pumpkins. Special people who, due to health reasons have to pick & choose what they can do in a day , chose to come there ! Their participation meant so much to me. The chance to feed all my friends & loved ones was WONDERFUL. The help and participation of everyone - THRILLING.
And SO MUCH chili ... YIKES !!

* Tons of Facebook birthday messages, cards, visits, calls, presents, dinners, ... all make me feel SPECIAL and that feels GREAT !!

* The wonderful support and help of a special niece ... helping me plow through all the kits for Christmas , and doing it to PERFECTION. So GRATEFUL !

* A great GIRLS' ROAD TRIP to the city - fun, laughter, serious talk, food, shopping, tea, ... all wonderful.

* The only sad thing was my birthday evening ... for years & years, my Grandmother always called me after supper. I looked forward to it ... even waited for the phone to ring. This is the third year with no call ... I miss her so much. But I am GRATEFUL that I had such a wonderful relationship with her and that I had such an amazing Gramma. She will always be a big part of me.

So ... it has been an amazing week ! I am busy but busy being HAPPY !!! I'm sure if you were a hermit & no one loved you, you would never have to worry about how & when you would get things done !!! Ain't life grand ?!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hi !! Did you forget about me ... or think that I forgot about you ??! NEVER !! I have been super busy and also had the flu followed by a 25 day cold. It seems to really like me - won't leave me. Ah, but someday, it will tire of me .
This post is all about ... er ... eating and taking bites. Shocking that I would be so keen on such a topic ... I hear you snickering ... And its also a bit strange as a lot of it was almost a month ago but it seemed pretty great at the time. And still does !
One Saturday after work, we set out for lunch. We ended up - after a long story that I will spare you - at the Tin Pan in Port Williams. Cool place. The tables are covered in hundreds of business cards, tickets, and bits of odd money. Lots to keep you exploring while you wait. the wait was long but WORTH IT !! We had a breakfast and oh my. Buttery scrambled eggs - and I mean scrambled, not overcooked and then chopped up ...a pet peeve of mine ... The sausage were crispy, the bacon was just plain darn bacony, and the ham ... well I gave that to Charlie. (My desire to be Jewish has made me really not like ham ...) But the toast ... I don't really like toast. But this ! Well, it was thick slabs of fluffy crispy buttery goodness. Pillowy really. Yes, pillowy. You could sleep on it ... except you'd have butter in your hair ... And it came with 3 pots of HOMEMADE jam !! Strawberry, raspberry and spiced apple. HOMEMADE !!! Ahhh my.
And see that glass at the far right ? Charlie ordered that ... and I coveted it. It was a milkshake that came in a tall-filled-to-the-top glass and the metal container too and it was ... CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER. I have never tasted anything like it. It is incredible. ... leave me with my thoughts for a second ..
Ah, okay. Then we went away the next day too. And , again, we ate. We really are good at that ... sadly. But this time it was German. It was AWESOME. Schnitzel so crispy, spaetzle, even the veggies on the side were amazing. Oh so good. I totally recommend a stop here if you are on the way from Lunenburg to Mahone Bay.
Then we went on to Peggy's Cove.
I had never been before ! I always thought, "I have beautiful rocky shores and a lighthouse right outside my front door. I don't need Peggy's cove". Okay... here's the eating part ... I EAT MY WORDS !!!! It is MAGNIFICENT !!! WOW !!! A glorious day !
And since then ... what have we done ? Worked , played, slept a tiny bit , played and worked some more. We have been to a sweet boy's birthday party, had a Nerf war, had our Friday night dates, been to the city, made hundreds of kits for work, picked loads of tomatoes, laughed a lot. Pretty much good.
Now I am taking a bite out of fall. I had decided last year that I was NOT having our annual pumpkin party. Too much work. Then I had family talk about how they were looking forward to it. Some already had pumpkin plans. So I waffled and debated and waffled some more. And at the last minute, I changed my mind and said "okay" . But not before I made some big changes. I had to cut it down. It was so big last year and just too much. I didn't even have a chance to have fun !! So I had to cut the list back to family and family friends as well as the folks who have come from the very beginning ... and I am really sorry that some will be left out but I just couldn't do that again. Bigger isn't always better. Back to basics !! So I have just finished making 8 big batches of chili and soup comes later this week. We'll eat well anyway!!
So, the Purolator lady just brought me a big box ... I must go take a look and start in on it . Have a great one !!!

... a few of my favourite things ...