Monday, July 25, 2011

My HEROIC Actions ... and a "Group Hug" thanks to Mother Nature...

Hello !
You may not read about this life saving story in the paper ... there really was no media coverage ... but I'll share (as I am not one bit modest ... heehee). My husband (Feedman we call him) has been moving a truck body- by himself, by hand, with a jack & a winch. Hard backbreaking work. Inch by inch. (and yes, he realizes that there are people & machines who can do that, but he has been waiting months for any of a number of them to show up ... with no luck). So I have been coming back to work at night so I can check on him - I am worried he will get squished and I will be at home. (yes, I am a bit of a worrier...) Sooooo ... last week I went out to check on him and he needed a bit of a hand. The body had slipped off the rollers and needed to be jacked up again. So he asked me to go around and take the other jack out. Okaaayyy ... I needed directions on how to use a jack - never done that before - and I had to ask if the "righty tighty, lefty loosey" thing worked. It did. So I put in the handle, gave it a small turn to the left, and the BODY DROPPED !!! BANG onto my shoulder. OUCH !!! I heard Feedman give a yelp and my mind immediately envisioned him pinned under the truck ... OH MY GOD !! I couldn't look over as I was bent under the truck and it was sitting on my shoulder. I sat motionless ... I didn't dare move. I was (somewhat) calmly trying to figure out how I could continue to hold up the (fully loaded) truck body while getting help. Oh my . It was heavy. Then I hear Feedman say "Are you bringing me the jack?" WHAAAAT ???? Turns out I WASN'T actually holding up the truck body. I moved my shoulder and it DIDN'T fall ... something had hit the side of his face when it LOWERED . I removed the jack and took it to him. Later that night I admitted that I thought I had saved his life and had been supporting the truck with my shoulder ... let's just say he laughed ... a lot. But I do have a bruise ...


A few nights ago we had dinner at a wonderful place, The Hall's Harbour Lobster Pound. Great fish & chips !! It had been a very hot day in the valley and we had hidden out at home all afternoon & evening. We were ready to get out. So we headed there for a late dinner. We placed our order, took our fun little number on a stick, chose a table and waited. The host ,Lowell, came over to tell us that the clouds and sun were in an amazing formation - the light was wonderful. So I went around the building ... and there it was. A wall of fog out over the water was topped by clouds and from behind it beamed a glorious light. The top edges of the clouds sparkled an amazing pink and glowed. Dragon's tails, wisps of dreamlike clouds, and fairy wings grew from the top of the cloud ... all illuminated by this mysterious light. We all stood together - strangers- and stared at this wondrous sight. It was magnificent. For a brief time we all came together in a magical moment embraced by the beauty of nature ... exquisite.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This IS my life !!

This is the view from my front porch ... and from my heart. I live in a blissful place and in a state of bliss. Yeah, I have things that bug me ... who doesn't ? But all in all, my life is wonderful. It flows along peacefully with gorgeous blazes of colour and happiness... what more could I want ?

* my FRONT PORCH ... besides the view "out there", I love the view "right here". I have put up some awesome kick ass (If I do say so myself ... and I do !!) planters and they are full of delicious colours. My lovely old gargoyles are peeling and looking like they have lived there an eternity ... just what I wanted. We have a wonderful new lawn, beautiful walls, and an amazing lamp that looks like it is beckoning those on the water to come in. LOVE IT !!!

* HIVE CONTROL ... I have learned the source of my hives and I am working on CONTROL. Not always easy ... mmm, cleaned the bathtub ? Apparently that's a hive inducer by the swollen knees and blotchy stomach ... who knew ? But I am working on it and doing okay ... avoiding heat, pressure, injury (except bathing the cat ... there was no avoiding the injuries I incurred there ... eeek ... and the hives INVADED !!) But all in all, I think I have the upper hand ... shhh, don't tell the hives !!

* DRAMA-FREE ZONE ... I hate drama in my life. I hate hearing the word "stress" . Hate hearing people talk about how "stressed" they are. ... hate it all ! So I have distanced myself from all that is drama and "stressful". I have no desire to listen to that. (and I don't mean real stress - I am 100% supportive if someone has a real reason for stress) Some people love drama and draw it to themselves ... feel like there is nothing going on if they don't have something to be fretting & obsessing about. And that's okay for them. But I find it sucks the life out of me ... keeps me from enjoying my days. SO I have stepped away from all that is dramatic and negative ... who needs it ? I like to enjoy my ups and deal with my downs (on my own) . And everything is smooth and happy.

* ZOKU POP MAKER ... makes popsicles in under 7 minutes ON YOUR COUNTER !!! Oh Yah ! Amazing. And the flavour combos are limitless and DELICIOUS !! And, HEALTHY !!! How often does that happen ???!!! So far we have had strawberry banana and pineapple coconut ... both WINNERS !!

So, I guess, what I am trying to say is ... stay drama free, stress free, hive free, and enjoy a good sunset with a popsicle !! Happy days to you all !!!

... a few of my favourite things ...