Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25 Things I have learned in the last few months ...

I have learned a lot in the last few months. I have had issues - arm, hand, skin issues. And they have taught me plenty. Here's what I have learned ... ( I have to get this all off my chest and then I will be DONE with it !!)
1. I don't like not feeling well.
2. It is exhausting.
3. Not knowing what is wrong or when some other freak thing will pop up is enough to make me insane.
4. I am a medical freak ... now that's awesome ! *kidding* ... it may make you briefly famous among your healing circle but actually it sucks. I don't want to be in a giant pickle jar someday !! lol !!
5. Heat is not my friend.
6. I don't like to blog about negative things ... and getting to the point where this doesn't feel negative has been difficult. But I think I am there.
7. Blisters leave marks ... lots of ugly marks.
8. You learn who your true friends are ... when "I really am not feeling well" and the subsequent need to just go home is enough to have someone drop you like a hot potato ... that opens your eyes to a lot. But it is good - it's good to know who will just roll with you.
9. Short sleeves don't cover up ugly marked up arms (or flabby turkey arms - heehee) but long sleeves sometimes make things worse.
10. You need to take care of yourself, choose your own path, and do the research.
11. You need to roll with things every day ... things don't need to be planned to the milli-second.
12. I am terrified of human combustion. Always have been and am even more so now.
13. I have a wonderful husband & great friends.
14. Sometimes you just need to cry & feel sorry for yourself ... but then you need to put on your big girl panties and suck it up.
15. Chips sometimes do help ... briefly.
16. Sleep is the best healer in the world.
17. I am vain ... sad ... but I am. Hives were irritating but the day they reached my face ... then it was serious. I was embarrassed by my hands ... I am vain.
18. I am tougher than most people (including myself) think.
19. Relax ... relax ... relax ...
20. Don't consume anything that you don't want your body to have to get rid of later in life ... why didn't I know that when I was 17 ...?
21. Mind over matter doesn't really work.
22. I wish I had thin arms with well defined muscles.
23. I am okay with just taking things as they come. Life is great.
24. Reusable ice packs are amazing !!
25. I am kicking ass on this thing ... somehow. So there !!!

... a few of my favourite things ...