Friday, August 29, 2008


The dilemma is over - I crunched the numbers, mulled the possibilities, took off the rose coloured glasses, and just thought "oh Poo!" . So I have made my choice and everything will stay the same. The iceburgs, walruses, and cruiseships have been genie-blinked away and there is once again smooth sailing ahead. AHOY !! And happy long weekend !!

Ohhh ... the difference a 2 minute call makes !

Yesterday I was toodling along, secure in the knowledge that everything was planned for our vacation . No problem. Then I answered the phone ........ Now this isn't a bad thing but there is no clear response & potentially TONS of phone calls and rearranging .......... The phone call was from the new salesman I recently met from my biggest bead supplier. There is a BIG jewelry fashion show from Czechslovakia (spelling - I know !!) the week AFTER we are in Toronto. I was aware of this - it was just a bit of not-so-great luck and I-wasn't-trying-to-plan-the-timing-well.. Oh well . C'est la vie. Anyway, Erwin called to see if I was coming. No, I explained, I was going to be in Toronto the week before. His response was "How can I keep you here for it ? " Well, I love Toronto but 5 more days by myself would be a bit much. I know I have commented on how funny I find myself & how entertaining I am ....(heehee) but I think I would run out of things to talk to myself about after a while . Or worse, come up with a WHOLE LOT MORE to talk to myself about !!! So it seemed like a simple response. Then he offered ENTICEMENTS !!! They are quite good - okay REALLY good. So now ...hmmm... what to do ? Rearrange our vacation - which means rebooking flights & hotels (ugh). Or do I stay & try to get someone else to meet me there - which means finding someone to work because I can't leave the store closed 2 weeks and more airline changes & arrangements. Or do I befriend someone on the street & just hang with them for a few days ? I am sure that the Ravioli Man that we saw a few visits ago would be up for it but ... I'm not sure .... Or do I just pass ?
So while it is a no-lose dilemma it is a dilemma .The horizon looked perfectly flat & clear and now there is a series of iceburgs, walruses, and cruise ships ahead - there is a path but it sure as heck isn't clear !! But the obstacles are pleasant & a path has to be chosen. I am off to mull it over for a few days !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WAHOO !!! Its a CRaZy CaT WorLD !!!

Last night we put down the carpet in the NEW workroom/craft room. It was FREE - my favourite colour !! - because my parents had taken it out of their living room & we scavenged it. I LOVE FREE !! So, anyway, enough about my infrequent cheapness !!! We got it rolled out & the cats went insane !!! The room had become a GIANT CAT TOY ! They rolled, wiggled, squirmed, jumped, yahooed, sprang, danced, ran, ... you name it. It was amazing to watch ! Then we put the desk together ( which, I have to admit, we bought at Staples & got an awesome deal because it was a floor model ... and ooops, look its damaged... you'll take more off ... okay ... what if we disassemble it ourselves ... cheaper again ? Okay DEAL !!) Again, CAT-A-RAMA !!! They crawled all over the desk, in the cubbies, batted at anyone below, just plain CAT FROLICKED !!! This morning we came down & Emma was chasing her tail on the desk. After they went off to eat, I looked at it . It certainly had seen a night of great activity - it was COVERED in hair !!

I think we are all going to love this room !!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The summer people across the street from us have a bug zapper. And it is on 24/7. For two months solid so far ... Our bedroom windows look out onto the beautiful bay of Fundy ... and the bug zapper. We have a fan in our window which now runs at night as white noise to block out the bug zapper. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for this fact - WE DON'T HAVE BUGS !!!! So most nights we go to bed hearing this BZZT ....BZZT .......................BZZT.....BZZT - condensation or the odd moth. But the reason I am even discussing this is because when we went to bed last night a little after midnight , it was POURING RAIN. POUNDING DOWN. TEEMING RAIN. So we heard BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
... now I don't mind noise ... I sleep with the radio or TV on .... I can sleep while people talk or snore ... BUT THAT NOISE ... I may lose my mind if it rains too many nights. I think he may be testing something for Guantanamo Bay Prison ... oh, yes, it will make you talk. you will tell anything if it means they will SHUT IT OFF !!! If I had any secrets I would run over right now & spill them !!
Made cupcakes last night - in the food processor !! That was cool & easy. They had vanilla bean seeds in them and the batter was sooooo good !! The baked cupcakes - not so much. Oh, well , next time I'll know not to waste the electricity & just make the batter !!!
Anyway, must get to BEADS ... the deadline looms ( and there are pounds & pounds to go ...) !! And I hope to have a visit from my band mate today. Tonight is carpet laying night & furniture assembly. So ... busy day & glad for it !
I'm off !!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Endings & Beginnings ...

This is the last week of August so I have WORK TO DO !!! I have GOALS this week and they can be summed up in 2 words ...FINISH and TIDY. I plan to tackle every part box and bag of beads in that scary room. I want all trays full, all hooks filled, all MIA beads ordered by weeks end. The fridge needs to be cleaned out, moldy bread ends greencarted, dishes washed, floors vacuumed, bathroom scrubbed (ugh!). This is the LAST WEEK OF AUGUST ... CHOP CHOP !!

Then comes FALL - Love it !! September is really my New Years. I have not gone to school for almost 25 years but every September is a new start with new goals, dreams and plans. September is the new sneakers, it is the fresh notebook, it is the sharp pencil, it is the spankin' new backpack, and it is a time of fresh new hope & promise. Next week I will have all my plans & goals for this year (and some of them are doozies .. may even include an Olympic medal ...) but for now I have an old year to finish up in style and a locker to clean out ...

Be sure to love your day !!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to reality ... but it is Crazy Good too !!

You know the post-vacation blues - when you've had so much fun & lived in a whole other dimension & frame of mind that it seems so hard to come back to reality ? Well, I never got that !! The Mermaids Gone Bad Club adventure was SPECTACULAR but coming home was just as sweet !! As we were coming home I didn't have that regret that you sometimes get ... I was reveling in the great fun & friendship and excited to tell Charlie all about it. I think you know that your life is pretty darn sweet when there is no Valley of BooHoo in between !!

So now, instead of shopping & touring, my day will be filled with beads, customers, cooking, a bit of laundry, and MAYBE cleaning up at home a bit ... or reading a magazine ! But again, the "everydayness" is so comfortable and blissful that it is great too ! So remember to look around and reflect on how great your "here & now" really is too !! I truly am lucky to have both !!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of the Mermaid Club ...

I'd like to call this meeting to order ...
Here are the topics on the agenda today :
1. Mermaid Voyage 102 : The trip was a huge success. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be words in the English language to fully describe the absolute joy, friendship, and happiness that filled the trip.
Maybe in mermaid song ...
2. Mermaid Hattie Bit : She was under the weather and I'm sure we all hope she is feeling much better. ( And no, I didn't make a pan of brownies, eat them all, laugh so hard ...) Get your SPARKLE back Miss Bit !!
3. The Bad Girls Cocktail Party
The Bad Girls Cocktail Party will have to be the next project we undertake ... since we have
the "leftovers" from the trip and the TATTOOS !!!
4. Mermaids Gone Bad Rockin' Band !!
What can we discuss? We are FABULOUS !!!
Album Cover : check
Video : check
Instruments : check
Costumes : check
Fans : you know it !!
5. Feel Good Bus
I will start to buy the required lottery tickets for the financing ...


Saturday, August 16, 2008

"You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith ... Baby"

Last night we went to the EX and met up with one of my favourite people, 7 year old Brandon. His goal is usually to make me laugh & just have fun - what more could you want in a friend ??
So we were off to explore the Ex. We watched the baby chicks, patted the calf, scratched the goats, and took it all in. Then I saw it ... (insert swelling music here)... a big tall black hat with little silver horns & a silver skull !! I said "I have to have that for Skully !!" He asked who Skully was & I told him that we were in a band together.
Brandon : "You're in a band ?"
Me : "Yes."
Brandon : "okay."
See ... absolute acceptance !
So he is in for the hat mission. We search the grounds & I finally find the hat. But you have to WIN it ! I quickly do the math - at $275 it isn't quite as appealing. So we decide we need something else. By now he knows that Skully is the lady who sat on her fries & he KNOWS her !! So he is determined to find the perfect thing. We go to the drug paraphernalia booth & he spots it !! Perfect !! (I can't say what it is because Skully might be reading & it would spoil the surprise !!) Then I hear a little voice asking a question ...
Brandon : "What's your song ?"
Me : "Pardon ?"
Brandon : "What's your song - in your band ?"
Me : (think fast ...) "Well we have lots of songs & we use CDs for music too"
Brandon : "Okay"
See... there it is again ... absolute acceptance !!
Later in the night he & Charlie disappear. They come back with a giggly manner ... more questions...
Brandon :"Pam, does your band play at night ?"
Me : " Yes, I think we will ."
Brandon : "We bought you something to wear in your band. It was my idea."
And there in his hand is a FABULOUS pair of pink furry bunny ears that LIGHT UP !!! That little guy SOOOO gets the band !!!
I want him as our manager .

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Philosophy

I have a philosophy about "things" ... have for many years .... I am not one of those people who could live without possessions . I LOVE STUFF !! I believe though that the things you use everyday should be beautiful, inspirational, or make you giggle. From your toothbrush to your cutting board to your pens to your egg flipper. They should inspire a feeling of happiness. This philosophy explains why I use a "SPLAT" calculator ( which I have to admit, isn't that easy to use) , why my cutting boards are colourful or little eggmen, and why my pencil sharpener was a chubby man's bare bum ... So ... here is my new filing cabinet ! I LOVE IT !!! Filing our bills & receipts will even be fun !!

Update for TRAVEL 102 ... bought my "sharing candy" , working on my "band clothing", and 3 more sleeps !!!

P.S. Now I can BEND WORDS around pictures !!! WAHOO!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is what I mean about the joy in the "everydayness" of life. Yesterday may have been what some might call "an ordinary day". I helped Charlie in the feed store a bit, put up a few bead displays, packaged MORE beads, shopped for groceries, thought about doing laundry, chatted with friends, visited with family, enjoyed my cats ... But it was a joyful day - I laughed with friends ( until I had tears in my eyes), laughed with Charlie, felt the love of a great partnership, saw a lovely pink sunset, woke up to be snuggled by 3 - count 'em- 3 cats ... What more could one human possibly want ? There wasn't any huge excitement but it was a day drenched in happiness, laughter, and comfort. Yes sirree !! Life is crazy good !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Isn't it said that if you say something often enough and to enough people , it eventually comes to be ? Wellllllll ....... if that's the case .... WE ARE A BAND !!! Skully, Sponster, Feemie, and myself have just come back from Travel 101 where we shamelessly promoted our band. We told everyone we met that we were a band and even invited a guest performer ( man, could that chick GONG !!!) . We even bought NEW INSTRUMENTS !!! Anyway, if you tell enough people something , it does become a comfortable real thing !! We "practiced" all the way home !! Now, let me explain "practiced"... We put CCR in the Cd player, turned it up & we ALL (driver included - but she was safely driving too !!) played and sang to the loudest level we could. At one point Spoonster even commented that it seemed NORMAL now. She was right !!! Witness the birth of The Bad Girl Band !!
Aside from all the fabulous musicality , the day was awesome !! We tried on more hats than I ever could have imagined, ate yummy food, sang, LAUGHED, acquired some cool stuff, saw beautiful things, enjoyed scenery, open-mouth-ate POPROCKS, and discovered a multitude of mermaids. Such a happy day !! And plans are underway for next week's OVERNIGHTER Travel 102. A cottage is definitely in order so we can play our FAB MUSIC !!!
I can't imagine 3 people that I could have more fun with. I love my bandmates !!!
In honour of the amazing roadtrip, I have a NEW top ten list already this week !!!

UPDATE : Little orange guy is actually "Chewie" the little ADORED orange GIRL !! She has finally got past the eating & sleeping phase and , fully fueled, is beginning to play. Once again, HOORAY for serendipity !!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Weekend !! And on to a Great Week !!!

Well it was a wonderful weekend !! All that a weekend could be !
We spent some time with my family - that was nice.
We went to a wonderful cornboil - lots of food, drinks, laughter, and just plain general HAPPINESS !!! I LOVE happy people !! The "secret project" was unveiled and made for a happy spoon-playing mermaid !! The food was delicious - loved the anti-oxidant filled desserts - yummo !! And the classic musical stylings of DJ Fresh Marty were awesome !! Marty - you rock !! I wish I had a recording of the fabulous spoon music and the use of all the fancy "moves"- DELIGHTFUL Spoonster !!! Thank you so much Skully !!!
Sunday was another great day ... Charlie & I went to Hall's Harbour & had a beautiful lunch and enjoyed the lovely day. I am amazed at the vision that someone had to create such a place there. Lovely !!
Then we followed the pink signs to Marg's Glad Garden in Grafton ... I started to cry when we found it. It is a garden of thousands of glads that a man planted for his wife who died of cancer. The garden is open all August and you receive a bouquet in exchange for a donation. We made a donation but didn't take the flowers - they are beautiful but sadly our little cats love to EAT flowers !! There are lovely purples, mauves, pinks, yellows ... all beautiful colours. And he raises money for the Patient Navigator Services for cancer patients. What a beautiful tribute to his wife and a productive way to deal with grief. Mr Salsman you are amazing !!
So now I am at Monday - ready to start a new FRESH week !! Exciting !! Tonight is the parade in Lawrencetown, probably a candy apple, and a stroll through the Ex grounds. Then tomorrow ... ROADTRIP 101 !! Wahoo !!!!
I'm off to count beads ... have a wonderful day !!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend Approaching !!

The weekend is approaching and I have a list of things I want to do ...
Here goes ...
bake a pineapple upside down cake
go to a corn boil ( dental floss anyone ?)
see the finished "secret" product and revel in our genius...
watch the Olympics
spend time with Charlie
enjoy my friends
cuddle my cats
make some more jewelry
paint my craft room ( maybe I'll call it my "studio" and make myself feel more swell ..)
laugh my head off ( Ha! Ha! Ha! PLOP!!)
see my brother ( its been a few days...)
shop for a water dispenser with HOT water - it's all about the TEA baby !!
buy some awesome car candy
relax ... for a few minutes ... its a bit over rated !!
get a ROADTRIP 101 tattoo ... well maybe I won't have time for this one ...
practice the Tambourine for Roadtrip
find a great magazine
test the new lawn chairs before the parade
work 1/2 a day
explore making artisanal bread on my pizza stone in the BBQ ... hmm ...
read "The Last Lecture"
and anything else that comes my way !!!

Have a great weekend !!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Little orange kitty came back yesterday - still very hungry. We fed him & he spent his day eating and sleeping. We decided that we really needed to do something . He obviously was not being cared for - even if he did belong somewhere, which we doubted. We had called CAPS but there is a protocol that involves calling the Animal Control Officer and then a stay at the pound until there is space. That made us pretty sad ... But in the long run , he would be better off. BUT ... here is where fate stepped in !! One of Charlie's customers lost her big ORANGE cat a few weeks ago after a long happy life. She missed him terribly. She came in to the store. Hmmm... a caring person who needed to fill a hole in her heart and a little orange cat who desperately needed someone to love him & care for him ... IT WAS A MATCH !!! Little Mr Orange left with the lovely lady !!!! WAHOO !!! We were so happy for them both !! The lady kept saying it was "serendipity" and I think she's right !! HOORAY for serendipity !!!
It looks to be a beautiful day today ... it may be hot though - there was lots of fairy laundry this morning ! It's always right !!
Have a great one !!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Annual Visit

Last night Charlie & I drove to Mochelle for our "Annual Visit" with our friend Alana from Edmonton. It was wonderful to see her - she never changes !! And we met her boyfriend for the first time. Doug is a great guy- interesting & a lot of fun! I am so happy for her. And another side benefit is a visit with her mom Janet & a chance to see her beautiful gardens and lovely dog Barkley. Alana reminds me of a favourite sweater - always fits, always warm & comforting ! See you next year Alana Banana !!

Today is going to be a crazy bead unpacking day - Mr Fedex showed up with 2 massive cartons of beads - can't even lift them !! But it is like unpacking a fabulous TREASURE CHEST !!

We had a little visitor at the store yesterday. Charlie threw out some old cinnamon buns for the birds. A little orange animal came out of the woods & started chowing down on the buns. It looked like a fox but we realized it was a cat. The poor little guy cried & cried. He was really friendly, rubbing on my legs. Charlie brought him out food & he ate about 2 cups of wet then went in and ate dry. He was STARVING !! He was just all bones and only weighed 5 lbs. So we fed him, made him a little bed under the building and will decide what to do if he is till around today. Poor little thing ...
So ... must start "The Unpacking" ... have a colourful day !!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 2 .. still blogging !!

Hello !
Well this is my second attempt today ... lost half of the first post !! And no pictures yet because I didn't learn the camera stuff yesterday ... I was busy being ... UP TO MY ASS IN LIFE !!!
I spent last evening with my friend Skully ( are you thinking who would name their child Skully ?? or maybe you know that's not her REAL name !!) and we worked on some multi media art. It was awesome !! She did some spoons with alcohol inks - they looked great ! We printed on fabric & then embellished. SO FUN !! My project was a mermaid - I stitched tiny sequins & beads to her tail to create scales and then added a pearl necklace, bubbles, fuzzy seaweed, pearls at her feet ... I was quite pleased with the finished project . I will get a photo soon !! It was really fun to take up a needle again and JUST GO !! No pattern, no supplies lists to dictate what to do or use ... JUST GO !! Fabulous ... and wonderful for the creative soul !!
I have to give props to Skully because she claims I executed her vision perfectly ...
We ate HUNKEY DOREY while we created ... I bought it because there was no Poppycock ... not the same ... good though. But the funny thing is it renders you unable to say "HUNKEY DOREY" when you have it in your mouth. It may even render you speechless if you have a big enough piece. So if you have an overly chatty friend - serve up the Hunkey Dorey !!
Today is a day of expansion - no, not a trip to the buffet !! Here at the store ( I have a beadstore with a side order of scrapbooking treats...) I am needing more space. So wonderful Chuckles LeBrun built me another table & put up another sheet of pegboard. Today I am painting and sanding. Then I will be bagging THOUSANDS of beads !! Not kidding !! And Fedex is due to arrive this aft with more . YIKES !!!
Tonight I will be going to see an old friend. We have been friends for 20+ years but she lives in Edmonton so I only see her once a year. But it seems like it was just last week. It is a wonderful friendship - one that doesn't need to be worked at ... we never email like we say or think we will ... but it doesn't matter !! I am just delighted to have my annual visit and have her as a part of my life !! And this time I get to meet her sweetie so I am excited about that too !!
Must scoot - beads are calling me "Bag me ! Bag me !"

Monday, August 4, 2008

WAHOO !! Look Ma - I'm blogging !!

Look Ma !! I am blogging !! Me , who can't even watch the million things I have taped because I can't run the VCR ... WAHOO!!!

I wanted to start a blog just to express my joy at "everydayness". I love my life - it is everything I could have ever hoped for. I am happy and loved. I create & laugh everyday. I really have found happiness, contentment, and joy. And everyday brings more reasons to feel this way. I really just want to jump into life and experience it to the fullest !!

My next step is to learn how to get those photos from the camera into this computer somehow ... and then onto this blog. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks ?!!


... a few of my favourite things ...