Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Month ... New Plans !!

Wow ... this is a whirlwind week coming up. And I feel like I haven't blogged in forever so here's a little catching up !!
My computer was at the "computer spa" being repaired and re-invigorated. I wish that for $30 I too could have a new piece of memory dropped in ...
This last week has been busy ... the CAPS cookie sale was great. I sold out and was able to give CAPS a nice first cheque. My goal is to raise $1000 this year for them ... and I am on my way. Charlie & I went to visit them at CAPS ... AMAZING place !!! The cats are clean, happy, not in kennels, blissful really. Lovely place and amazing work done by very dedicated people. I am so grateful to them for what they do.
I am working on a lot of changes here at the store ... new space, more demos, more samples, contests, weekly projects , a little hand crafted (by me) section of items for sale ... I am REALLY EXCITED !!! It has been a lot of work ... with lots more to go, but it is SUPER fun !! There is tons of new product arriving and I really want to do it justice so the creative wheels are spinning. I enjoy all this gorgeous stuff so much ... no minimalist here !!
Then there are all the spring projects at home ... you know, the ones from last summer that got postponed over the winter. And the garden. And driving in the hearse. And BBQs. And seeing all the family that has been away at school. Oh so much ... isn't it great ?!
This weekend will be a work/play combo. I am happy for the extra day to work on all my April changes. And then Sunday is a beading get together with nieces & sisters in law ... FUN !! ... followed by a potluck and family game night. Can't wait !!!
So ... I'm off ... challenge kits to make up and stock to price. Hope you all have a super Easter weekend and are having days full of love & laughter. Kiss a rabbit, eat a chocolate egg, nibble on jelly beans, soak up the sun, make something cute !! Live large !!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Ode to ... BEEP

BEEP ... BEEP ... drink of the '80s.
The sad news came out last week that Farmers Dairy will no longer produce BEEP. Lack of demand. Nutritionists released statements saying they were relieved.Done.
Wellllllll ... let me tell you - I am SAD !!! BEEP is my childhood, an icon of my youth. I have spent the last week searching for BEEP , just to savour its sweet funny flavour one more time, to no avail. But today Charlie hit paydirt !! I am the proud sipper of a litre of Beep as well as a cute little baby BEEP. (Although my little BEEP used to be in a tiny milk carton.)
BEEP was JUICE when I was a kid ... now it is deemed to be almost TOXIC !! Not even allowed in schools !! ( can you believe that ??) It is an odd mix of apple, orange, apricot, and prune juice & concentrates but it is yummy ... and the second ingredient is sugar ... not sure if that has anything to do with the taste ...
Anyway, I am spending the day with a cup of BEEP at my side and spreading the joy that was BEEP. Everyone so far has said "I love BEEP !" and the memories of school lunches start bubbling forth. It really is a great part of our growing up ... and I think we grew up okay !!
So as the '80s start to become extinct (much like unicorns ...) we need to pay tribute. Tell me your BEEP stories. BEEP if you love BEEP. Search your local stores, buy a BEEP and raise a glass. Here's to BEEP and that innocent childhood we had !! BEEP BEEP BEEP

(what's next ? Munchos ?)

... a few of my favourite things ...