Monday, March 30, 2009

"9-1-1 What is your emergency ?"

That is the call I made this weekend. Scary.
We came home from the city at about 8pm on Saturday night. I commented to Charlie that I could smell beach fire ... didn't think too much of it because it had been a beautiful day & it was quite possible that someone did have a beach fire. Charlie fell asleep in his chair because he had a bad headache. I read, slept, read, ... At midnight I decided to just hunker down and sleep on the couch. It was too hot though so I decided it would be best to go upstairs. I went out to check the furnace and then get ready for bed. As I passed the dining room I noticed it was super foggy ... but wait ... it didn't look right. There was a real glow behind the fog. I peered out the window ... and, oh my god ... I ran through the living room yelling "There is something on fire down the road". Nice way to wake up poor Charlie ! I ran outside to see better ... still wasn't sure if it wasn't perhaps just a huge bonfire. We jumped in the car & drove down to be sure. We didn't have to go far to see flames licking upwards at the sky. I took note of the nearest house number & then we roared home to call 9-1-1. The 911 operator asked me the question that was gnawing away at my stomach "Was there anyone in the house?". That was my fear but the house was too far engulfed in flames to be able to go in. I knew that the owner sometimes stayed next door and they often knew his whereabouts. We went next door & I banged on the door. I felt badly waking them & probably scaring them. But they were great. Happily they knew that he hadn't been around for quite some time & someone else had bought his place to tear it down.We all stood in the backyard in our pjs watching this unique house burn to the ground.
The whole thing was really upsetting. To see a house - what had been someones home - burn to bits is so sad. And to fear that the owner might be inside - indescribable. I felt sick because I knew that the smell I commented on at 8pm had actually been that house. To learn that he was gone was an indescribable relief. No one knows where he is but at least he wasn't home.So it all ended about as well as it could.

Today the drama is flooding ... As I type this, a backhoe is outside trying to find the drain that will release our driveway, parking lot, and storage area from "Lake-the-Town-Should-Have-Maintained-It-A-Long-Time-Ago" or at least from "Lake-I-Called-Yesterday". What should be a simple operation of clearing the culvert has now come to involve chopping out pieces of sidewalk ...hmm.. now I'm no engineer but ...

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tidy Workspace ...

I recently visited my friend to see her new paper crafting room ...she was so thrilled to have her own space. I was thrilled for her & took a few photos.
This is the space she has arranged for herself and if you look in this next photo you can see her latest project.
Nooooooooo ... just kidding !!
This is a diorama that Charlie & I made to sell tickets on for the P.A.A.T fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Research ! Little Paper Pam lives here where she happily crafts away, using her rather fab paper cutter and her perfect Cricut. She can turn on the light for a lovely soft glow at night. Life is sweet there. I think she has potato chips stashed in one of those drawers ...
It is here in the store if you want to drop & see it.
Have a wee happy day !!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here are a few fun things ...

Well ... I don't have much to say . Nothing to complain or kvetch about. That's good. But no real news either. I have been plugging away at a few bigger projects so no photos. But they should all come together in the next few days and then , THERE WILL BE PHOTOS !!
But I wanted to share a few of my favourite blogs with you. I have followed this one for quite a while & loved the sweet joy of daily life that it expressed. Imagine how shocking it was to find out that Nienie, the blogger, had been in a horrible plane crash. The pilot was killed, her husband injured, and she was badly burnt and in a coma. Her sister updated everyone on her condition ... and then ... one day... Nienie was back !! She is the bravest , most inspiring person I have ever come across. I was FILLED WITH JOY when I saw that it was actually her blogging. Miraculous !! Everyday is painful and difficult , but she still feels the sweetness of life. It is wonderful.
And, for something totally different ... Oh, this is a doozie ... the site is about "when good cakes go horribly wrong" and horribly wrong is true ! I don't know WHERE she gets so many cakes ... scary !! They aren't cakes that you or I would make - home bakers are outside the realm of mockery - they are cakes that so-called professionals make. And that people ACTUALLY PAY MONEY FOR !!! The blogger's comments are priceless. It is hysterically funny.
Hmm ... now ... is there any news ... ?
Well, I have met the ukulele master that I saw on TV a few months ago & have received the invitation to be taught the art of Ukulele. I am STOKED !!! Can you imagine where my music career could go now ?? The Mermaids Gone Bad (my band) will be able to write their own ticket with the addition of strings. WAHOO!!!
I am preparing for Bead & Eat tonight. A little tidying ( and I mean LITTLE !), some furniture rearrangement, some mashing & mixing of the guacamole, and I am ready !! Ready to see the friends that I haven't seen for a while, ready to feel the warmth of a group of funny laughing women, ready to pretend I am beading. I love my friends. LOVE THEM !!!
Have a wonderful day ... and check those blogs.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This week ...

Well, its been a bit of a tired week ... time change seems to have kicked my butt !!I find I have been up until 1:30 or 2:30 every night because I am not tired ... it seems too early. But, I sure am tired the next morning !!! YIKES !! It should level out by next week. Or I will move to Saskatchewan.
And it has been a worrisome week. My Gramma is really not well. She had a heart attack & has been in the hospital. Today they may release her - which should be good news. But it isn't. It's a matter of them not being able to do any more for her medically because she is so frail so they technically can't keep her. So home she goes although they fully acknowledge that she can't be on her own. Maybe never again. But the doctor simply says "I don't get involved in that." Sad. So it all rests on my poor aunt, because this is in Alberta, to find a solution. It's a hard situation and I hate being so far away. A late night phone call every night has kept us all up to date but it doesn't come close to holding her sweet loving hand. I may go out when she gets a bit settled somewhere. But now we wait.
So ... my creative mojo has been a bit stifled but I want this to be a happy post so ... I have a few pictures.
These are a few cards I made with left over paper from the hatboxes ... and I still have a ton more !!
This will make ANYONE happy !!! Look at all that SWEET paper !! Cosmo Cricket - I love ya !!
And a few happy things :
1. I battled my old cat this morning for control of my breakfast ... and I won. Sort of.
2. The sun is shining !
3. Have been spending a little time with my pal Deedee - that is happiness in itself.
4. We found more wood - HALLELUJAH !!! ( we had about 3 hours worth left ..)
5. I have a new Cricut cartridge.
6. I am ready to open the doors at the store - gotta go !!
Have a great day & please send a little wish to the forces of good for my Gramma.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh. My. God. I LOVE it !!! ( and the modesty ...)

Photobucket Okay... I am not one for false modesty. The truth ? I am often delighted with myself and the things I make. I know ... that sounds bad. But it is true, maybe childish, but true. I REALLY like most of the stuff I make ... and if I don't, then I keep at it until I do ... or it disappears ... ( like the HIDEOUS elf I made one year that looked like he had some kind of drug induced birth defect ...GONE !!) SO this is my yesterdays creation ... I loved it so much, I had to keep going into the craft room to look at it - and smile. So happy with myself ... ( oh, the things a therapist could tell me ...) But I DO love it !
I used all kinds of stuff but most importantly was the paper ... ohhh... so pretty. It is a package from My Mind's Eye called Bella Bella French Flea Market. I only used about half of the paper. I still have several sheets as well as die cuts left ...hmmm .... what to make ...
I inked, masked, crystalled, stamped, distressed, Glimmer Misted ... oh, SO FUN !!
I plan to do a bright funky set now with Bo Bunny's Love Shack or Melissa Frances' Fresh Twist. Can't wait !!
Quick !! Go make something ... and be delighted with YOURSELF !!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

PHEW !! Solutions ...

I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders . I am the kind of person who carries things with me until they are resolved or dealt with in some way. Well, after a week full of CRAP , the weight on my back was pretty big !! Crushing even. So, I dealt with some things by deciding that things are not always fair or correct and it is easier to let them go - far less fall out. DONE.
Then the pressing issues that have been an absolute headache for weeks ... actually more like months. MOTHBALLS are the first part of the solution. A bucket of them on my front step has kept the sprayer at bay for the last 3 nights. AWESOME !! And then confining Mr Crotchety Old Vindictive Cat to the backroom & upstairs when we are not there is part 2. ( and its not as bad as you think ... he has nice bed in an upstairs window as well as an armchair to curl up in ...) So I have gone to work the last few days with no trepidation, no sense of dread. And walking into work with no immediate scrubbing & cleaning tasks has left me in a far better place to be the me who accomplishes things . YIPPEE !!! In the last 2 days I unpacked 3 orders, put out stock, sent emails, planned samples, ordered a display board, placed other orders, and waited on customers - with enthusiasm. ROCKIN' IT !!!
So today I sit at home on this icy window-pingy day preparing to make samples ... and maybe cookies for my great husband. Love your day !!!

... a few of my favourite things ...