Friday, October 29, 2010

my so-so life ...

Yes, my life is so-so ... SO SO SO GREAT !!! Haha !

You know I have spent too much time despairing about how busy I am and feeling overwhelmed but underneath the fuss I always feel a great current of gratitude. So here's a little recap of why I am so busy and so freakin' lucky !!!

* I have been working HARD everyday and most nights until fairly late on stuff for work - I am LUCKY to have a good busy business that I ENJOY.

* I was making pies at 12:30 at night for the community supper - I am HAPPY to LIVE in such a nice community. And I got home late that night because I was ENJOYING myself out with family at dinner. And I am THANKFUL that Charlie got to have along visit with his brother .

* I was party planning late the night before the event ... fussing and stewing over details. And this was because I was HONOURED to have a SURPRISE birthday party thrown by some of my favourite people in the whole world. They were worried that it would be hard to get me there because I had so much to do ...but family dinner ? I always MAKE TIME for fun , family, friends. That's what life is really all about. Who cares if you have to stay up later to finish other things ?!

* Presents from two super excited children. I was SO TOUCHED by their thoughtfulness & excitement. They had made me a beautiful coat hanger decorated with drawings that were really special to me, had chosen a gift at the store that is SO me, and illustrated a card with all things that mean a lot to me. The fact that they put so much love & care into what they did and their excitement really overwhelmed me. I am so FORTUNATE !

* A set of measuring cups ... made by a dear niece who spent several days at the Clay Cafe painting them BY HAND with wonderful Hallowe'en images ... I loved them but when I realized that she MADE them, I had to stop talking. The lump in my throat made it impossible. The LOVE I felt was incredible.

* The excitement level at this party as described by my other beautiful niece as "5 year old birthday party excitement" was PERFECT !!! The cards, the dinner, the amazing & so delicious cake, the fun and FAB presents, ... it all added up to a wonderful evening. Won't forget it !!!

* A good crowd of family & friends to carve pumpkins. Special people who, due to health reasons have to pick & choose what they can do in a day , chose to come there ! Their participation meant so much to me. The chance to feed all my friends & loved ones was WONDERFUL. The help and participation of everyone - THRILLING.
And SO MUCH chili ... YIKES !!

* Tons of Facebook birthday messages, cards, visits, calls, presents, dinners, ... all make me feel SPECIAL and that feels GREAT !!

* The wonderful support and help of a special niece ... helping me plow through all the kits for Christmas , and doing it to PERFECTION. So GRATEFUL !

* A great GIRLS' ROAD TRIP to the city - fun, laughter, serious talk, food, shopping, tea, ... all wonderful.

* The only sad thing was my birthday evening ... for years & years, my Grandmother always called me after supper. I looked forward to it ... even waited for the phone to ring. This is the third year with no call ... I miss her so much. But I am GRATEFUL that I had such a wonderful relationship with her and that I had such an amazing Gramma. She will always be a big part of me.

So ... it has been an amazing week ! I am busy but busy being HAPPY !!! I'm sure if you were a hermit & no one loved you, you would never have to worry about how & when you would get things done !!! Ain't life grand ?!!

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