Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blowing it out of the Water !!

Yep ! That's what I am doing !!! I have put my nose to the grindstone, my pedal to the metal, and I am ROLLING !!!! This has been a long itchy miserable stretch ... 2011 I guess I mean ! ... and I am over it !! Fall came and with it came my mojo ... I love Fall and can't help but be energized by it . I have accomplished so much this last few weeks and I am ELATED !!! Tired but elated !! I really have nothing exciting to blog about ... that's what happens when your nose is squished on the grindstone - you really just see the grindstone for a while. But that's okay. There is great comfort in getting stuff done and just being & doing. And I am loving it !!
Here's a quick recap ...
* renovating my store ... a chunk every week on my closed days
* unpacking an unholy number of boxes of new product ... did I really think I needed ALL of this ??? (yes, of course I did
* filling my head with ideas for samples & workshops
* being so happy with the progress and newer tidier look of my store.
* helping out my favourite charities when & however I can ... not always easy but I will if possible. And I have let myself off the hook for not doing as much as I would like ... I KNOW I am not sitting on the couch eating bonbons !!
* dreaming up some kick ass Hallowe'en projects ... I love Hallowe'en !!
* letting go of my annual Pumpkin party ... it is soooo much work and I don't think I really enjoy it ... I'll enjoy a little more time more.
* enjoying cooking comfort food meals and baking (late at night) ... oven meals are sooo good !
* Nutella ... let me count the ways !!
* a little ... no, lots of solitary time. Here at work mostly while I am renovating. And I realize how much I like being alone & just chugging along on a project. I really like my own company and my own way of doing things !!
UPDATE !!! I do have news ... 2 new kittens !!! Leonard & Cohen ... and we LOVE them !!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!! Be thankful - life is good !!


Step-parent's Cove said...

What type of store do you have? Glad to see you have come up for air.

Terri C. said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pam!!!!!

Merrilee said...

The store is looking great Pam and your kittens are adorable!

brian said...

what a beautiful kitty pretty!

georgi said...

Darling blog...Have a great 2012!

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