Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year ...

Well, the big day is almost here. And, I think, this may be the best Christmas yet. Because we no longer do framing, we are not working like Santa's least loved elves every night, almost all night. We have our house at a reno-point and temperature that most can find comfortable. We have the time, the space, the friends, and the level of relaxation possible to "have a little Christmas". And this year it all fell into place !
The Craft Swap kicked it off. That was wonderful - a group of lovely like minded friends sharing what we love best. A nice festive evening - and the beginning of an annual tradition ... and maybe more. And the trees ... I really do love them.
Then came the "Gramma's Popcorn" marathon. Caramel pecan popcorn for all. I made up batches of it & delivered little chinese take-out boxes to bank people, posties, just people who touch your life on a regular basis in a positive way. Some for customers who are a joy to see each week. I don't bake so it was great to have a little treat to pass out. And it felt great !!
Then we were off to shop - and it went so easily we were a little freaked !! But we got nice gifts for family & friends - we found what we really wanted for them so that was very satisfying.
Then a gathering of the band to share the joy of the season & exchange gifts. A lovely afternoon filled with laughter & heartfelt friendship. That night we went to the Living Nativity and sang carols in a wonderful - quickly ! - falling snow. It was quite special.
Then Charlies' step mom for dinner. We love her dearly but never seem to drop in quite as often as we should so an evening and a meal with her was a real treat. We need to get together more often. After we delivered her home, we delivered presents to nieces and family friends. We got to watch the excitement of younger friends as they rattled and shook wrapped boxes trying to guess what they held. That kind of Christmas excitement is so fun !!
Tonight my family will come to see the trees and have a little visit. After they go, we will probably open our gifts from each other ... tomorrow is a busy day at Mom & Dad's. So a quiet evening of gifting will be perfect !!
So the day hasn't even arrived and I have enjoyed Christmas far more than I have in years. Now to find a super way to ring in the New Year. Why stop at Christmas ?!
I hope all of you have a most wonderful holiday & really feel that you have the best life possible !


Happy Stamper said...

It truly is wonderful being surrounded by family and friends and celebrating the season. The Swap and Band Meet were two of my favorite shindigs too. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends like you and my Band Mates AND the Band photographer too. Exciting to think what 2009 will bring!
Love Skully

Paulette said...

Sounds like you "hit the mark " Pam! I am wondering what your store hours might be in the new year...looks like I have 50 charms to make for a swap!!! I don't even know how to curl the wire!!! My e mail i:
Thanks & do have a Happy new year!!!

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