Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So long 2008 - my old friend .

Here it is ... New Year's Eve . And we are supposed to have a blizzard tonight ... I know this two ways ... the weatherman said ( not the most reliable!) and I have a beating pounding sinus headache (very reliable !). But it will pass ( the headache ... well the blizzard too I guess !!) So I feel like I should reflect on the year . ....hmmmm ... okay, I have. And it was freakin' great !!
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" to very loosely quote Dickens. But it was. I had some of my best times - best Christmas, wonderful birthday, super vacations, great Sunday afternoons, amazing Tuesdays, whatever. It was mostly all great. Every day was a great big cupcake and most days had sprinkles ... and many had a cherry !!
If you hate gushy, then stop reading. But really, Charlie is wonderful & my life with him gets better every day. My family is super. My friends are amazing and help make my life the adventure it is. I adore my cats, love my house, love seeing the bay of Fundy everyday, enjoy my work ... all superb !!
There were a few really hard spots this year and the bruise on my heart is still there - always will be. A few special people were lost this year. I miss them terribly but hope they are in a golden spot where they have peace & no pain. And I hope that their families have found a way to find a little joy . I feel for them with all my heart. I am at least grateful to have known & loved these wonderful people.
I have had the chance to create this year ... not as much as I want but getting there. That has been the best. And I have found kindred spirits in the world of creativity & that is even more satisfying.
I don't have a word for this year because I am not much of a narrow-it-downer ... more of a collector ... I could have a whole dictionary ... but I think these words would be part of the bigger plan ... SHARE ..... ENJOY ... CONTROL ( I need to acquire a bit of it !) ... EMBRACE ...LOVE ... GIVE ... RECEIVE ... SAVOUR.
Reflect on your year, savour the great times, acknowledge the sad, then turn to the new Year and embrace it ! It's gonna be a great one !!


Happy Stamper said...

Thanks for sharing your reflections of 2008. Not too gushy...just the way I like them, honest and REAL!
Happy Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love that I just found your blog. I loved reading about your Christmas and your reflections. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you more in 2009and letting the creative energy fly. Happy new Year! Ardith

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