Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Story of the "Blues" ...

It was a very hot Sunday. Too hot for the Bash for Cash ... we would fry. So ... let's go in search of peaches.
So ...
Blueberry Girl
Photobucket and Blueberry Boy Photobucket headed out. There were no peaches so they decided to drive aimlessly along - that's the best way anyway ! They came to this place .
Photobucket And loved the awesome 3 dimensional berries on the sign. As they approached, they were chased by this wild (fake) bird !! (I know it looks like an eagle but it was ... giant ... and really scary ...)
YIKES !! RUN !!!
So they ran into this place ...
And they rejoiced !!! It was a restaurant ! So they had a beautiful lunch beside the indoor fish pond ... and drank delicious Blueberry Breezers. (yum)
Then they bought these ...
Photobucket (ohhh ... so good !!)
And then Blueberry Girl made this ...
Yum again !!! (pecans in the topping make so much difference !!)
And they lived happily ever after ! (soon to be a major motion picture ...)
And a few days later , they got their car back !!!
Happily ever after I say !!

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