Friday, August 27, 2010

In the Moment ... not "Outside the Moment"

Hi !!
What a week its been !! Full of activity, cake, and fun !
We had a big ol' bash at our place on the weekend ... lots of family and all the offspring family that comes from generations growing up and adding more delightful people to the family. The cats ran for cover or hid on shelves as the crowds arrived - so they went into lockdown in a safe place upstairs ! We threw open the back doors, built a sand & boardwalk path, lit up a UFO runway for night ... and started the party !! We ate tons of food, gnoshed at the Candy Bar, played ladder ball and washer toss, tried to play Beanbag Toss the EXTREME PEYTON version ( okay, close your eyes, throw it over Mommy, it's cheating if you stand up. What ? You got 6 bags out of 8 in ? No points for you - you need ALL 8. Who wants to win next ??) We had a bonfire & big fat "MARMALLOWS '. We wore glow necklaces & twirled sparklers ... and only a few people got burnt and only a few cried. So I have to say it was a success !! It was a happy night filled with love, friendship, and good family. Once again, there was no where else I would have wanted to be.
But where are the pictures, you ask ? In my head and in my heart. At one point, I thought about going for the camera . And then I thought "no, you'll miss being here in the midst of all this happiness" . I would rather be in the moment, enjoying that very moment, than be on the fringe watching through my lens. So no pictures.
We have spent a few nights at CAPS building walls ... in this case it is sort of the Royal "WE" ... I simply hold the end of the board & measuring tape. Quite humbling after the carpentry excellence that I showed on the deck ....
I have been baking my buns off ... haha ! hardly !! But I have been baking up a storm - for the party & CAPS - this week alone I have baked Whoopie Pies, 2 cheesecakes, "Better Than Crack Brownies" , and "Big Blonde Caramel Bars". And it is all gone . The CAPS baking sold out the first day ... but luckily a sweet niece ( or maybe an angel !!) emailed to ask if she could bake for me on Friday.(Thanks kari!! XOXO) HALLELUJAH may have been secretly what my response was !!! So last night I spent the nicest evening watching HER bake, drinking tea, laughing hard, and watching & listening to great music ... a great way to pass a few hours ! Here is my favourite from the night ... I love the words, love the pictures, love the heartfelt sentiment. Celine Dion, eat your heart out ! THIS is a love song !!!


Taryn said...

I love that video, Pam! Thanks for sharing!

Terri C, said...

You make my day Pam!!! Love your blogs!! :)

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