Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Storm ?

What if there was a REALLY BIG storm ... and you missed it ?? That's what happened to us ! Over on our little shore, we are a world away from the Valley ... or 10 minutes., whichever ! Many times in the winter , we hear all the cancellations because of snow. We look out the window ... "Whaaat ? There's no snow !!" We leave the house, turn the corner ... SNOW !!! So we are never really sure what lies beyond the curve of the road. So imagine our surprise this morning !! We had no power but we also had no power the night before. (go figure !) There were some gusty winds and flashes of lightening but really ... the house didn't shake, the windows didn't rattle, nothing serious. The gargoyles were still sitting on the step. Even the plant pots and other things not gathered up yet were all where we left them. It was far less the the regular nor'easters that we get all winter. So we were shocked to hear of all the trees down, wires fallen, trucks blown over ... wow. We navigated the mountain road, avoiding the LARGE trees and wires down, we looked in amazement at all the toppled signs and trees. Feed Man's sign was ripped from the building and the steel was peeling off the roof ... Crazy ! It must have been quite a night in the Annapolis Valley !
Here's a little note ... Sunday DECEMBER 12... picked tiny red cabbages from my garden in a t-shirt, the brussel sprouts are still growing. Monday DECEMBER 13 ...we let the fire burn out in the furnace in the a.m. ...midnight ...17 degrees. Can you believe it ???

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