Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ThINGs I NeVeR GeT TiREd of ...

* MAMA MIA ..."here we go again. How can I resist ya ? " I can't . Simple. Loved it again !! Amazing. Uplifting. JOYOUS !!!!
* Spaghetti & Meatballs ... what's not to love ???
* Walter the kitty snuggled up to my back every night ... never get tired of that little puff of warmth !!
* Cheese ... just because.
* Bryan Adams new CD "Bare Bones" ... hit replay ... and again.
* Minute to Win It - back on starting tomorrow night. I am an absolute junkie !!
* Anticipating snow ... glorious snow ... please !!
* Kind of ignoring Christmas ... we do and I like it !! We don't decorate or send cards or carol or put up a tree. And I like it !! I do bake, make treats for those I love, try to find one nice gift for each special person, and buy cat presents. And I like it !! And when Boxing Day rolls around , we are done. And I like it !!
* Tea ... glorious tea ... how do I love thee ? ... BIG LOVE Baby !!!
* Facebook ... yep, I'll admit it ! I like it ! I like knowing what friends & family are doing. I like having a quick morning message with those near & dear. Much more than I like a phone call ... I don't like those much at all !!
* Having help at work ... this makes me giddy. And on task. And productive. And much happier to be there pricing pricing pricing. I even clean bead trays because I have help. Not tired of that for sure !!
* It's a Wonderful Life ... never ever get tired of that one !! I watch it every time I see it on the guide. I always gasp at them dancing/falling into the pool. I always get all heart gooey at the "lasso the moon" line. Never tired of that movie.
* Paper, beads, glitter, glue , paint, fabric ... all those lovely elements.
* Laughing. I do it a lot. And I like it. (heehee)
* The smell of soap.
* Magazines ... and their crisp promise that soon I will have caught up all my To-Dos and SOON I will be able to sit & flip their beautiful pages !
* The Annual Craft Swap ... the amazing women that participate, their wonderful projects, yummy food, creativity at it's best, laughter & great companionship. I will NEVER tire of this, my favourite holiday tradition ... almost my only one !!
* The promise of tomorrow and all it may bring ! Good night all ! Sweet dreams ... and cross your fingers that I don't snore as much tonight for poor Charlie's sake ... !!!

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