Friday, January 2, 2009

Normal ? Are you out there ? Can you come back ?

Okay , its the 2nd of January. I am SO over this holiday stuff. It was great, don't get me wrong, but now I am ready for real life , normal life, to come back. It probably won't until next week because there is such a wee sliver of a week left that it will jump in with Mr. holiday and keep quiet. But watch out Monday ! That is when normal comes back and I will be happy !!
We all build up to Christmas , like a symphony with the notes getting faster & louder. Then the big drum roll & cymbal crash .... and then ... what ? It's like the other notes didn't get written. We can't jump back into everyday ( which, for the record, I think is pretty friggin' SWELL!!) because New Years is right around the corner, and that's a holiday, and there might be plans , and there are meals, and .... whatever. So we hang in this weird limbo where we eat candy even though we know we shouldn't - but it's not the new Year yet - and we wait. Like its a law that you can't just put all the stuff away or in the garbage and carry on . Weird huh ?
So it is almost done. Just 2 more days of this strange other dimension life left to go. Oh ... I admit ... I may be a bit out of sorts today - I have a pain, my hair looks like a wig ( that is WEIRD!!), I have a vindictive cat, and I want fresh fruit. But I think it will all go away with the return of normal. Because to be perfectly honest, I love the everyday so much that I miss it terribly. Come back soon, please ?

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Happy Stamper said...

You are definitely my sistah!
I hear you on the NORMAL EVERYDAY wondefulness of life! I am REALLY a grinch about Christmas and what you described is partly the reason why. Here's to NORMAL!

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