Monday, October 5, 2009

Things Lost, Things Found, Things Given Up On ...

Another great weekend. Weather wise , it was 50% great. (Sunday was miserable but that didn't really matter too much.)We, of course, drove around most of the weekend. We need to get lots of "Hester Time" in because she will go into storage after Hallowe'en. Anyway, we went to Kentville on Saturday & visited our favourite Gelato Girl. (a scoop of pumpkin & a scoop of coconut for me, Charlie had his usual "dirt"). Anyway, she has been a bit freaked about the car, so we took the finished product to show her . More freaked. She thought we were going to chop it or something. "Oh MY GOD, It's a REAL hearse !!! " was her reaction. Then she asked a very serious question. "Do you guys have kids ?" She seemed relieved by our answer of "no"... Hmmm?
Anyway, had a nice visit, yummy gelato, a little inside scoop on next weekend, and a promised visit to the bead shop. Great !
Then we LOST&FOUND some things ... great things. FOUND a coffin key under the seat of the car - didn't know we had one. LOST Charlie's keys to the cruiser. FOUND some people following us all the way from Kingston Superstore to Middleton so they could see the car. (funny !!) FOUND Charlie's car keys for the Cruiser. Phew, relief !
Worried that we hadn't seen ANY kittens for a few days. FOUND them ALL + Momma in the apple crate house we made them on Sunday morning. HOORAY !!!
And the LOST (and actually NOT FOUND) trend continued the next day. We headed out for a cat show in Dartmouth and a bit of shopping. We spent 1 and a half hours looking and asked directions of not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 people for the Dartmouth Sportsplex and NEVER FOUND IT !!! They all directed us to the wrong bridge. But upside ... we got to cross the bridge MANY times !! After that 90 minutes passed we passed too. We went for lunch and went shopping.
We made a few new friends with the car. A lady stopped me at the coffee counter at the Big Stop and asked if she could come & look in. OF COURSE !!! It is great to see the inside of a hearse up close & personal and then TALK ABOUT IT !!! Usually there's no talking after that experience... And then we had a big thumbs-up-freaky dance from a homeless/panhandler guy in the city. After the dance and some REALLY enthusiastic-not-for-blogs words, he threw his asking-for-money sign down and came over to frantically rap on the window.We rolled it down and got this question "What is the freakiest shit that has ever happened to you in this car?" "Uhhhh ... this??" No, we didn't say that. (But it probably was!) Too funny !
Anyway, came home late both nights but DID do my crafting challenge. Now, understand, I didn't make a quilt or a whole scrapbook, but I did glue, sand, stamp, and punch a bit. Every little bit counts !
Tonight will be the night to make hot pepper jelly so I'm not sure what I'll get done. And then later this week I plan to make & can applesauce. Creating/crafting will be in a squeeze for time but ... Fancy labels maybe ?


Merrilee said...

Pam, I love reading your posts! I always seem to get lost in Dartmouth too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Pam,Sportsplex-get on OLD BRIDGE,go straight.(MacDonald Bridge)
You will see the Holiday Inn at your right, keep driving straight.
Just a bit forward, turn right and on your left will be the Sportsplex!.
I think that the weekend of Oct.23 is their BIG Christmas Craft Market.
This and Dalplex are 2 of the best of the holiday season.
Hope the directions help?

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