Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Guess who's at work with me today ?
MAMA KITTY. Yep, today is the day she is going to a HOME and a new FAMILY. She is laying by my feet right now, quite well adjusted to being inside. She is so sweet and loving - she really needs her own people. So one of Charlie's customers has a cat-loving friend who is going to take her. HOORAY !!
Now ... tonight will be "kitten trapping night". I am sure it will end up with Charlie scratched & bit to pieces, screeching kittens, and me bawling ... But it is all so they too can go to a home and be inside during the winter. My brother-in-law is going to take them as barn kittens so they can all go together. And that is good. We never were able to get them really tame so it should be an adventure ...
Do you know that we go to the grocery store every 2 days to buy catfood ? We feed 3 to 4 cans outside each morning and night (6-8 there) and then 3 or 4 inside. So we buy a couple flats of catfood every other day ... that's in addition to the dry food and treats ... sheesh... that could be why we never went on a vacation this year ... !!! But we have enjoyed them so much & it will be really sad to see them go.
But I am sure that there will be more ... it seems we are on some sort of "Kitty Underground Railway" ... "Yeah, just stop at the house with the gargoyles. They'll feed you and build you houses, or maybe, even take you into the BigHouse." Yeah that's us ... SUCKERS !!

So, in the words of creepy old Bob Barker ... "Remember to spay and neuter your pets." He has a point there !!!
And that is DORIAN, the Grey Squirrel that lives at the Feed Store ... cute huh?!
UPDATE !!! The lady just came to get Mama Kitty ... and she was really nice ! Mama Kitty got frightened and hid but came out when the lady got down and talked to her. She will be an INDOOR cat now and live with 2 rescued dogs and some macaws. I feel so happy ... Mama Kitty is going to a really nice home !!
And she is now "Cleo". sigh. A happy ending.


Anonymous said...

Cleo had a great start from you and Charlie and was lucky to have found you!
Now she moves on with good memories, manners and more people who love her.
What more could anyone or any animal ask for?
I BIG MEOW for your kindness!

Terri said...

Awesome!! From one cat lover to another!! I love happy ending!!

... a few of my favourite things ...