Monday, November 9, 2009

NUTS about cOCoNuT !!!

Do you ever get thinking about something ...something seemingly insignificant ... and then you think of all the ways you love it ? No? Oh, well ... I do . And this weekend, that thing was coconut.

Coconut ... I love it . Fresh, shredded, toasted, in chocolate ... YUMMO ! I love making coconut macaroons, morning glory cookies with coconut, coconut cupcakes, coconut dipped chicken fingers, and coconut cream pie. That's what started me on this chain of thought ... I was asked to make 2 coconut cream pies for a community supper. I make pretty good coconut cream pie (although the last time I made them for a friend's birthday, they didn't set properly ... ERGH ... but I did rush home after work and I fully believe that CC cannot be rushed. ) Coconut cream has to cook slowly in a heavy pot, stirred slowly and lovingly ( with coconut thoughts ...) , and the pot must be thoroughly LICKED afterwards !!! Anyway, I made these pies, had HIGH meringue which makes me smile inside , and delivered them to oohs and aahs. Then I had to make a keeper. You know how that is ... you bake for something and the sink is piled with sticky ( but licked !!) dishes , the air smells wonderful, but the counter is bare. Just not right. So I came home & made another pie for us. But this one was just topped with whipped cream & toasted coconut . ( mmm Toasted coconut ... isn't that a crunchy sugary sprinkle of heaven ?...)
That's the pie ... not looking too pretty as it is jammed in a lunch container but it will look mighty good at noon on a sleepy Monday !!

But ... more reasons to love coconut ... it is in all those yummy rum drinks . Isn't that really reason enough ??? Makes me wish I had a little umbrella drink right now ... Is it okay to drink at work if it is your own business and you have a little umbrella in the glass ... ??? Not like I would be swigging out of a bottle ... hmmm...

And then there is the yummy coconut milk. We were lucky enough to buy fresh coconuts in China Town in Toronto, have the tops MACHETED off, and a straw stuck in it. We strolled Spadina drinking the sweet coconut water and feeling pretty blissful. Life ( and our drink) was sweet !!
And last but not least , all those awesome COCONUT HEADS !!! Yes, we collect them and LOVE them !! They are all over the house. And they make you smile. So after you drink the brains and eat the flesh, you can carve the head !!! A ZOMBIE'S DREAM COME TRUE !!
Who wouldn't love that face ??? !! (YIKES !! Is that dust ??? I think I may have to clean those little babies up tonight ... In my defence, they are up high ...)
Anyway, have COCONUTTY DAY !!!


Merrilee said...

Now I have a craving for coconut pie. LOL

Anonymous said...

Pam, I'm with Merrilee, and not just any coconut pie.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.
Hope to see you this week?
Need to know what to put into the 2 coffee's?

Colleen said...

O.k. first. . .I just have to say. .. I LOVE THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG!!

Second. . I'm totally with ya on the coconut bandwagon. . I use coconut oil for everything. ..EVERYTHING. From face cream/makeup remover to melting with a tad of butter and drizzeling over popcorn, and oh yeah, frying pancakes in it, and putting the milk in smoothies, and mixing dried coconut into vanilla icecream. . . Hmmm. .. I'm beginning to sound like that guy from Forest Gump and his ramble about shrimp. .. better go:)

... a few of my favourite things ...