Thursday, February 11, 2010

2 pOSts in 2 DaYS ... must be a record for me ... and a LIST

* a Brussels sprout
* a dehydrated Brussels sprout (later)
* Ferraro Rocher wrappers
* a wrapped cough drop
* small scissors
* pens
* pencils
* nail clippers
* dozens of Dixie bathroom cups
* small inkpads
* milk caps
* spinach
* apple peels
* potato peels
* kleenex
* full sheets of note paper
* tweezers
* a pencil sharpener
* very heavy beanbag turtle & horse from Bali
* my"Damned Dollies' - handmade dolls from a Toronto artist
* the Eiffel Tower (okay ... a replica)
* the CN Tower ( again, a replica, but I'm thinking she could do the real thing ...)
What are all these things, you ask ? These, my friends, are some of the many items my kitten Dillee likes to carry in her mouth while she runs. It is too funny !! Her other talent is totally annihilating rolls of toilet paper ... and maybe I should get mad and make it clear that is not good behavior ... but it is so funny to see this little cat go ballistic on a roll of TP and then sit in the ENORMOUS cloud of white shreds. I laugh now thinking about it ...

Anyway, Dillee was spayed 2 days ago ... and she has been on HIGH ENERGY ever since .... running, climbing, NUTS !!! Because she seems to have so much energy, I will be calling today for MY vet appointment !!!

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Terri said...
I am still laughing Pam!!
Too funny!

... a few of my favourite things ...