Friday, April 9, 2010

buuuuuuuusssssssyyyyyy !!

*Been super Busy ... but it's great !
* renovations at the store and a load of samples ... check.
* a great beading afternoon with my four nieces, their kids, and my sister-in-law. A great afternoon ... loved spending time with them, loved their creative sparkle, just loved it ! Followed it with a pot luck and then family game night. Pictureka ! Interrupted only by another visit to another favourite family to deliver Easter goodies and play the mini card version of .... Pictureka !! A GREAT GREAT day !
* more renos and sign planning ... check.
* baked this ... mini pumpkin bundt cakes filled with sticky cranberry compote, with maple syrup pecan topping , drizzled with warm vanilla sauce and whipped cream. YUM.
* a trip to Pearl's ... always fun & spring-y !
* so many plans in my head that I am SPINNING !!!
so ... that's it in a quick nutshell ... life the last week has been busy, yummy, sparkly, kitteny, and full of love. What more can I ask for ?!

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