Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes things just suck ...

Sometimes things really just do suck.
We got the news that the little tortoise shell kitten from under the floor ( I think 2 eyes) had died. I was heartbroken. Everyone did everything that they could for her but she was a "failure to thrive" kitten. But it is so heartbreaking. I know that's nature and life and whatever but I live in a head space of sugarplums and happy endings. I always think things will work out. Naive I guess.
It was a bad ending to a LOOOONNNG day. We had started at work 2 hours earlier than normal and ended an hour later than usual. In between we had sold 2500 chicks and all the things that go with them. It was a loooong day. Then the sad news. I just sat and sobbed. But then we went to Anna's (C.A.P.S.) and snuggled kittens and it helped put a much better perspective on the day.
I don't think you can be sad at CAPS ... all those lovely cats, sweet kittens, and big hearted people. It is really the best of humanity. I love it.

So ... in other news... not much. Work, chickens, cats, work ... all part of the circle of days. Gearing up for our 25th anniversary ... that's pretty exciting ! And a 5th birthday next week ... probably just as exciting for the little girl as our anniversary is to us. Father's Day falls in the midst of all this as well. I have new shoes, our garden is almost all plowed, I have a box of blueberries and a bag of cherries, and I have read a few good books lately. What more can I ask for ?
Have a great week !

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