Monday, June 21, 2010


IS this real life or fiction ? You decide ...
* great day at work. Fun wonderful customers.
* a beautiful present - a ring made for me by a sweet customer.
* Charlie gets a present too from a customer - lobster.
* a visit from both nieces at work.
* lunch at Pearl's on a sunny beautiful day. Ice cream too !
* a lovely afternoon at home on the shore.
* BBQ t-bones & corn for dinner out on the back porch.
* after dark ... sitting up in the secret garden , listening to Hal Bruce play at the hall, beside a crackling bonfire, roasting wieners, drinking tea, checking out all the moon craters with our new telescope, watching the stars.

real life or fiction ??? REAL FREAKIN' LIFE !!! And I am so happy to say that it is mine !!! How lucky can I be ? sigh ... one happy gal !!!

( oh and I bet the cats were pretty happy too - they also scored lobster & a bit of T-bone steak ...)

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