Friday, August 13, 2010

How SWEET it is !!

EDIT ... WOW !! I am the Queen of Blurry photos ...

LIFE, that is ! My, it has been a great ride the last few weeks ... everyday is a whole new fun adventure with more people to laugh with and enjoy.

We have been "crack-a-lackin" at renos & cleaning up the house ... and with that work comes great rewards. (Damn, I would have cleaned up sooner had I known !!) A new TALL upright gleaming white COLD freezer ... and I am in love with it !! No more falling in on my head for a pork chop !! It is like a giant door to cold food heaven ... open it, and TA DA !!! ... ice cream, Eggos, my ice cream maker, ice cubes ... (that's all so far) ... wonderful !!! And the ice cubes ... don't be thinking that they are little square cubes ... PERISH THE THOUGHT !! ... No Way !! ... puzzle pieces , skulls, and ... the best yet ... are you ready ? ... dentures !!! We are scheming how to make them pink & white so they will look like REAL TEETH in someone's drink !!! ( I am giggling in anticipation ... mature huh ?!!)

And what else ? Well, space, organization, somewhat cat-hairless floors, clean dishes, books & magazines neatly stacked or shelved, organized cupboards, folded laundry, nothing expired, .... can this really be our house ??? Today it is !!!

A new ring ... I love it ... sparkly and so pretty. I feel so GLAM !! Happy happy !

A visit from a DEAR DEAR friend. We visit every year and it's just like I might have seen her last week at the grocery store. We don't miss a beat. It is a friendship that has endured more than 20 years, marriages, big moves, gaps in communication, and thousands of miles between us. It is a friendship that is so special and so important. Yet ... low maintenance. We are simply happy to see one another & sit in one another's company. We had planned to meet for dinner but at the last minute, we decided to BBQ at our place ( hmmm ... maybe it was that clean house effect again ?!) so it was spontaneous & without planning ... I usually plan & try to "huge-up" everything so this was a change. I bought a few chickens on the way home, shoved their poor little bums on to beer cans, & threw them on the BBQ ... sorry chickens ! Made a pan of Trailer Park Boy Weiner Appetizers, a Caesar salad, and put the beers on ice to chill ... and then just waited for them to arrive. We grilled up some steaks & potatoes, loaded the *new* picnic table, and settled in ... eating, talking, laughing, just enjoying the moment. Then we loaded in the hearse, down to the beach, and then back to our secret garden for a bonfire and star gazing. And the heavens obliged ... falling stars were our reward. It was the most wonderful evening and I knew there was no where else I would rather have been.

Last night was our Friday Night Dinner Date with Charlie's brother & wife. We look forward to this all week ! It's great when family is family AND friends ! Tonight we are off to a bonfire & washer toss match. Next weekend we are hosting a family BBQ Bonanza ... yeah, I'm already trying to "huge-up" the event ... can't help it ... "go big or go home" is my motto !! ( Or, "damn Martha Stewart, I can do it too !!" ) And then we have a list of house reno things door, new step, clearing out brush, clean closets, tick, tick, tick ... But it's all great and I am ready to tackle all this stuff ... the "after" is so worth the effort !!

On the Hester front ... ready for painting !!! So in the next few weeks she should get re-flamed and be already to go once again. YAY !!!

I think that's it ... I'll try to do something exciting so I can have a SUPER EXCITING POST next week ... but in the meantime I'll just keep living this sweet sweet life !!

See ya !

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