Saturday, May 1, 2010

oh, so much ...

Where do I start ??? So much has happened ! We have moved into the witness protection program and have taken up new identities ... We are right now searching the country for a new home town . Exciting !!!
oookkkkkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyy ... NOT REALLY !!! it just seemed better than saying "Where in heck has the time gone ??!!" and "Sheesh, have we been busy !!" But it's been day-to-day, get'er done busy so none of it is overly exciting. It is exhausting, rewarding, fulfilling, sometimes annoying ( I won't lie !!) but not really "let's sit down and I'll tell you all about it" worthy. Let's just say things are getting done, time is flying by, some things are NOT getting done, dinners are being shared with friends & family, some are being eaten in front of the TV, birthdays have been celebrated, babies have been born (NOT TO US !!), money has been earned & spent, sleep has been had, cats have been snuggled, plans have been made, cakes have been baked & sold, cars have been fixed,and laughter has rolled along . Life has been SWEET and it has been enjoyed and lived in. That's all I've got today !!
Get out there & DO SOMETHING !!!

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