Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wow, another fabulous day !! Spoonster, Skully, and I headed out for adventure yesterday and our trail took us to Berwick (adventure capital of the valley !!) We went to Wheaton's & it was beautiful !! All the lovely Christmas decorations and the heirloom pieces ... so amazing !! Then we had a delicious lunch - best salad I may have ever had ! - and great conversation. The warmth of our friendship is awesome. When I sit talking with these two I really am unaware that there is anyone else around. We are our own little unit. Talk & laughter flow freely and everything is right in the world. We are in our happy place. And as a wise spoonplaying postie said "I love you guys !". We made a few more stops & our magical day had once again FLOWN BY ! We headed home with our treasures , stories to tell our beloveds, and our happy thoughts. Life really is the best !! The only thing missing was Haddie Bit but next time.

How do you like the photo - isn't that funny ? That is Emma & she flopped over and fell asleep in my fall tray arrangement. Apparently, pumpkins make excellent pillows ! May your day be that comfy & relaxed !!!

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