Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Turn this Sucky Day Around !!

Okay, so far ... TODAY SUCKS !! I have a headache, my email didn't work I spent 1 hour getting that going, my US - freakin'whatever-B port won't recognize my camera so no photo ( and I had one to share ... ergh!), there is garbage all over the backyard from a destructive crappy raccoon ( my strategy there is to ignore it until later when I am feeling a bit nicer !!) ...
I think I'll tell about my last 4 days... that will be cheerier !
* went to Halifax for my dad's birthday. Had a fun day & bought some nice things ... and wonderful magazines. Had a nice dinner. Good times !
* I SAW JUPITER !!! How cool is that ?! I saw it through a super duper telescope so I got to see the moons & cloud on the surface. THAT ROCKED !!!
* had the bandmates over ... fun as always, even though I may have let them down a bit. But I'm sure it happens in all great bands .
* went to another BIRTHDAY DINNER ... yep, that's right, I have stretched my b'day to a full week. Had a great time with the Phuong family and my pal Jason. Thanks for the card Jason ... you are too funny !!
* spent some quality crafting time... did a "JOY" foldout and almost finished a little book called the ABCs of Life. Happy times !!
* had my family over for supper for Dad's birthday. Good pork stew, crusty bread, and angel cake & fruit. Yum & relaxingly easy !
* watched the US election and felt that maybe this is the dawning of a new era ... hope so !
( Now if only we could pick someone good here ...)
Okay ... these things are all putting a better spin on the day. Things are looking up !! Have a good one !

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