Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello !!
Yesterday was historic and oh, so special !! IT SNOWED !!! I saw a flake in the afternoon - yes A flake. I was excited but hoped for more. By 5:30 it was more. Windy blowy snow. And when we got home , it was snowing in PG too which isn't always the case. I looked out at 11:30pm and the GROUND WAS WHITE !!! I was so excited to finally see it !! ( Still in barefeet though ... it will have to be a lot more to make me wear socks ..)
AND then it was also a GROUNBREAKING DAY !! I learned to write under pictures and also to resize my photos. EVIDENCE : post below. The proof is in the post ... And there may be the slightest sign of my early frustration with the resizing. It wasn't working so I changed a few things and a bit snappily super downsized the photos. Of course, the resizing worked that time so I have TINY photos. Next time though they will be fine. All a learning curve !!!
So learn something great today ... and touch some snow. Or let it touch you.

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Happy Stamper said...

Hey Rice Ball,
Here I am finally getting caught up on my blogging. Old dog, nothin' your still a young and frisky pup! Picture that in the back of your mind 'cause if that is the case, I see you running in the snow and dipping your nose in the flakes and stopping to..okay enough of that image! I had a FAB day with you and the Spoonster, Hattie Bit was definitely missed. A day with friends is the BEST kind of day!

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