Friday, November 14, 2008


That's what I am. A whirling dervish. It's one of those things I always heard as a kid... "What are you, a whirling dervish?" ... but I actually never knew what it was. A Dervish is a religious person from Turkey and the whirling comes from an exuberant spinning dance that sends them to religious ecstasy. I saw them once on TV and was fascinated to actually see what it was.
So that's what I am .... except you won't see me whirling down the street ... I may even seem a bit distracted or tired. But INSIDE I am a WHIRLING DERVISH. I have become CONSUMED by making-doing-stitching-cutting-gluing-painting-glittering-binding-soldering-printing-writing .... on & on. I have all these burning desires inside of me to CREATE. And I am. But while I do I am being inspired for MORE and MORE and MORE ... Every word, colour, texture, phrase, sight, sound, smell, ... brings me to more ideas. A friend will show me what she has made or discuss what she wants to make and I see little tree roots shooting off in another direction with something else. I feel my mind & heart spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning ... whirling dervishly to ecstasy. Wow - I am over flowing with inspiration. But I feel like I need to slow it down somehow , harness it , grab it & shove it in a jar. It is a glorious feeling but sometimes I think it might consume me !! Hmmm ... eaten alive by creativity .... oh, well, it would be right up there with drowning in a giant pina colada !!
Create something spectacular this weekend !!

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Happy Stamper said...

My head is quite often swirling with creative ideas. I have no trouble thinking of something to do, I just find it difficult to grab the fabric, stamps, paint, paper, ribbon, ink, etc. and DO IT!

... a few of my favourite things ...