Thursday, January 29, 2009

2nd Update ... and then there can be NO MORE

Okay, read the 2 previous posts.
Now add the following :
1. A large window broken in the house.
2. Ergo ... snow in the house.
3. A 6 hour power failure.
4. 3 hours of sleep.
5. No heat at the store when I arrive - the furnace wasn't working.
6. I can't even talk about what I had to clean up.
7. More broken bags of beads - total mess.
8. Today is NOT Friday apparently. It is only Thursday. ( that was a bitter pill to swallow !!)
Okay, whoever you are, STOP KICKING MY ASS !!!
Bright spots :
1. A hug from the original Doris Blood. So sweet !
2. I did get to have a shower this morning.
3. And I really don't give a flying f**k about those damn blue snowflakes on the paper towels. I think that was artificial happiness ...

ANYWAY, I am feeling a little low but I am somehow going to kick this day in the ass instead of the other way around. I just hope it doesn't involve emotional eating ...


Just Plain Happy said...

Ummmm! Pam, Maybe you should rename your blog, up to my A** in Crap! Enough already! I know it will turn around today...I am so very sure of it! Was it one of your new windows?

Taryn said...

Oh, Pam. Here's a bright spot-your post, no matter how tragic the events that initiated it-made me giggle. Your delivery is priceless! Kick those blue snowflakes in the ass.

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