Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's The TREE !!!

Okay, you know how I couldn't find my groove ? And something had stolen it ? It's the TREE!! I know it !! I have never struggled so much to find my groove after the holidays ... and I have never had a tree. (well, not in 20+ years ...) MMhmm. Get it ? Plain as the glitter on the carpet. I think the tree has stolen my groove. And , yes, I realize that it is January 10th and most self-respecting holidayers have taken their trees down. But mine has me flummoxed. Having not put a tree away in over 20 years I am at a loss as to how to deal with the STUFF that seems to have swollen & increased in size like yeasty bread dough. I brought 4 or 5 tidy boxes & bags downstairs and now they have erupted to be a SEA of tissue paper, boxes, plastic cases, just tons of debris !!! My whole extra room upstairs is filled with this stuff and the ornaments & decorations are all downstairs. I have come up with an awesome storage thing that I am going to make ... but I need some stuff cut ... that means delays ... although Charlie has promised that today is the day. Meanwhile the tree sits laughing at me - somewhere in it's branches is my groove. Give it up tree !!!


Happy Stamper said...

Ahhh Pam...I discovered the 'secret' of the tree long ago. For me it takes your 'chi' away after the New Year. That is why no later than the 31st December IT must come down! I store (THROW) everything in shoe boxes or whatever! I mean wrapping in tissue paper? Are you shipping these things to INDIA? Get a grip girl! and get rid of the TREE!

Anonymous said...

My solution? I don't put one up in the first place :)

... a few of my favourite things ...