Monday, March 2, 2009

PHEW !! Solutions ...

I feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders . I am the kind of person who carries things with me until they are resolved or dealt with in some way. Well, after a week full of CRAP , the weight on my back was pretty big !! Crushing even. So, I dealt with some things by deciding that things are not always fair or correct and it is easier to let them go - far less fall out. DONE.
Then the pressing issues that have been an absolute headache for weeks ... actually more like months. MOTHBALLS are the first part of the solution. A bucket of them on my front step has kept the sprayer at bay for the last 3 nights. AWESOME !! And then confining Mr Crotchety Old Vindictive Cat to the backroom & upstairs when we are not there is part 2. ( and its not as bad as you think ... he has nice bed in an upstairs window as well as an armchair to curl up in ...) So I have gone to work the last few days with no trepidation, no sense of dread. And walking into work with no immediate scrubbing & cleaning tasks has left me in a far better place to be the me who accomplishes things . YIPPEE !!! In the last 2 days I unpacked 3 orders, put out stock, sent emails, planned samples, ordered a display board, placed other orders, and waited on customers - with enthusiasm. ROCKIN' IT !!!
So today I sit at home on this icy window-pingy day preparing to make samples ... and maybe cookies for my great husband. Love your day !!!

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