Monday, April 6, 2009

How did I do on my list ???

Well ... let's see how I did with my list of "goals" (haha!!). I love seeing the great ambitious lists I make after the proposed time frame has past ... I NEVER can say "complete CHECK" ! Oh well, I enjoy my time here on this planet so who cares ?!
(sheesh that sounds weird ... like I'm an alien just here visiting or something ...)
So ...
1. CHECK !!! Yes, that's right , CHECK. Plus a few extras !!! I rocked those ____.
2. CHECK ... haddie bits. MMM good.
3. CHECK ! Pumpkin raisin oatmeal ... one of his favourites. Just under the wire too - about 9pm last night. Still counts as done on the weekend though !! Oh, and I used my Big Daddy mixer that I am totally in love with. May have even overmixed those cookies because it was soooo fun !!
4. nope ... had no supper on Saturday because of a late lunch at at great new place. JONNY'S FAMOUS BURGERS . It was really good. I had the Sweet Marie burger with sweet potato fries & curry mayo. All the ingredients are local and the actual mayo and other things are homemade. The burger had grilled pineapple ( which I was told is actually NOT local - REALLY ???!) , homemade mayo, local bacon, and sweet hot chili sauce. YUMMO !! No orange cheese slices here - local Havarti. It was really a great burger - loved the grilled pineapple. Next time I will have the one with Havarti & grilled apple slices....
As for the pizza ... couldn't find my crust dough... I bought some but I DO NOT have it . I picture it sitting, lonely, by the checkout because it never got put in the bag ... So spaghetti it was !
5. nope ... see #1 . Took all Sunday.
6. nope ... see #1.
7. a bit .... I took rotten stuff out to make room for groceries. And I actually took it all out to the green cart. Follow through I like to call that !! ( not usually my strong point ...)
8. nope. But again I did add stuff ... and did some FINE stacking if I do say so myself.
9. nope. Didn't get to any of that kind of stores. But I did talk to her & she sounded soooo much better. It was awesome ! The shopping will remain on the list.
10. nope ... didn't see any that we wanted to see & I am NO LONGER watching TIME WASTING CRAP !! So it was fine. I'll wait until there is something I really want to see.
11. CHECK. Necessities, I guess.
12. nope ... see #1. Oh, yeah, and I hate doing it & don't care until I have no choice ...
So all in all I did poorly but it was a great weekend !!!

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