Monday, April 20, 2009

It's been a long time ...

It's been quite a while since I posted. I've been in a slump ... a sad snively slump ... but things happen and we need to get back to regular life I guess. So I am .
This weekend was supposed to be a birthday dinner for Charlie the birthday boy but ... a vomiting wife is NOT the best dinner accessory. Some freaky kind of flu struck me and I was ... icky ... to say the least. And because I could not find a restaurant that specialized in toast & Gravol, we cancelled. So that is something to look forward to this weekend !
So we went to Coldbrook & New Minas in Big Bertha , the truck, picking up stuff for the Feed Store on Saturday after work. Then back to switch vehicles & get groceries. Then FINALLY ... HOME !!! We spent a quiet night with a movie (Marley & Me) and a box of Kleenex. Too true to life ... oh my. But a wonderful movie for sure. Then Sunday was my project day. I made an awesome Mexican soup that I MADE UP MYSELF ... and it was DELICIOUS !!! I will be writing that recipe down. Then ... I decided to make cake pops. Now, if you want to see what cake pops are SUPPOSED to look like, check out BAKERELLA'S blog (www. DO NOT LOOK FOR A PHOTO HERE. Okay , this is a multi hour process but somehow you convince yourself that it can't be that hard . Mm, sure. First you bake a large cake & let it cool. Then after an hour or so, you grind the cake up in a food processor. Then you mix the grindage with icing. Then if you are me, you put in too much icing and you must then bake ANOTHER cake ... and this one from scratch because you used the mix up in the earlier cake. So you make another cake and wash all those SAME dishes AGAIN !!! Then the cooling process starts. Then the grinding. Then washing the food processor AGAIN. Then mix it all up. This gooky stuff is then rolled into balls while washing hands every few balls because it is so gooky. Then the trays of balls are placed in the freezer ... this involves removing all the laundry, earth friendly shopping bags that never make it to the car, the camera, the tote from work, a few hats etc... FINALLY, I AM IN ! The freezer is open. Where is the space ? Hmmm ... so now Operation Cake Pop is Operation Clean Out the Frost Bitten Meat and then Operation Green Cart. Finally, the balls are placed in the freezer for their 15 minute rest. (By then I needed a 15 minute rest too !!) The balls are then removed, shaped into "turds" as Martha Stewart described them, then shaped into mini cupcakes. This involves a cutter that I did not have but I was sure I could improvise. Apparently not. Mine never ever resembled cupcakes. They then have several more rests in the freezer, 2 different dippings in 2 different melted chocolates, and then sanding sugar or sprinkles. Well ... my first tray had all the bottoms stick and break off. The next ones did get dipped & sprinkled. So I had 2 full cookie sheets of balls and I made 11 dipped balls. ELEVEN. ELEVEN. There are probably 80 naked round gooky balls in the freezer. I dipped only 11 ... I couldn't even force myself to make an even dozen. They look like weird misshapen round things dipped in 2 colours of chocolate & sprinkled with coloured sugar. Charlie said they tasted good. But I am willing to bet that the cake from 7 hours earlier and the icing would have also tasted good. And would not have resulted in a freezer cleaning and 3 sinks full of dishes.
But there are still all those in the freezer ... that I SAID I was going back to the drawing board on. Rethinking. Redesigning. ( haha!! In three months, when I decide to make some kind of shaped cookies that need a spell in the freezer, I will carry out OPERATION DITCH THOSE BALLS INTO THE GREEN CART. Sorry Bakerella - not my favourite project !!
UPDATE ... I just ate one of those blobs ... first one ... and while they might be homely they are DELISH ! Hmmm... who knew ???!

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