Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B&E ... Bead & Eat ... OR ... Back Up & Enjoy ...

Good morning !
Last night was Bead & Eat , the first of the season. And it was lots of fun. We beaded, we talked, we ate, we talked, we laughed, we talked ... It was wonderful to see everyone again - kind of like going back to school - and wonderful to have some new faces too.
But I say "Back Up & Enjoy" ... more & more I find myself, in the very moment, stopping to look around and marvel at the goodness of my life. I am truly living "The Good Life". When I am in a group of happy laughing people, I will stop and think how much I love these people and how to-the-core happy I am to have found them. I often look at Charlie & just marvel at how much I love him. I really feel that I have FOUND and MADE the very best life for me. And I say MADE because I really do think your life is what YOU make it. You build your life, you establish your outlook, you seek out people who make you happy & suit your personality. I'm not saying there aren't blips in the path, mistakes, people who don't fit, and poopy days. But you learn, you move on, and things all work out. And life is CRAZY GOOD !!!
Go out there and have a Crazy Good Day !!!
oh ... almost forgot... we saw a peacock (!) casually strolling along Shore Road this morning on the way to work. Go figure !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great evening of beading and being with friends old & new...I had so much fun! Can't wait for the next one!

Happy Stamper said...

You described EXACTLY what I did at B&E. Sat back and marvelled at the wonderful friends I have. Life is CRAZY GOOD!! Just the way I cooked it! And I am VERY happy to say YOU and Spideyman are a part of it!

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