Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goals & Reality !

Just a quickie today ... I have come up with my goals for this new school year As you can see they are all attainable, don't you think ?! But today's goals are a bit more real and REALLY need to be attained !! Can you guess what I'm doing ? If you answered "BEADS" , you are correct !!! I didn't actually get everything cleaned up in August like my Pollyanna -self wanted so I have a bit ... okay, a LOT ... of carryover. And I bought BAGS & BAGS of beads as well as had a parcel of them arrive yesterday. I also expect a couple boxes today. So ... nose to the sparkly wheel !! But I have to admit, I never care if I get it done ... it will be there to deal with the next day too !!
And HOORAY - tonight it is off to the Pub with my buds for dinner & musical entertainment ... for ALL !! Have a singsong day !!!
P.S. I do want to find an odd talent that I could do on TV ... forgot to put that on my goals list.

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