Monday, September 22, 2008


THE GOOD : all the wonderful things we saw, the fabulous neighbourhoods we strolled, the great food, the FAB entertainment, the lovely people we met, the amazing weather, the AWESOME COOL stuff we bought ....

THE BAD ... AND THE UGLY : MY FEET !!! oh, my .... the first night I developed BIG blisters ... and then I continued to add to them everyday !! But I was there, there were things to see and MILES to be walked - so I did !! I went through 2 boxes of band aids, 3 pkgs of corn/blister cushions, 1/2 tube of Polysporin ... our bedtime routine involved peeling off all the band aids (which eventually looked like beige socks there were so many !!), breaking all the blisters, covering my feet with Polysporin, then putting on a pair of Charlie's socks. Repeat nightly !! I walked like a hobbly old soul the first half hour of the morning & last hour of the day. Cute, I'm sure !!

It was a great trip . The best part was having each other all to our selves - no other responsibilities or people to look after- just us. It was wonderful !!

But I am glad to be back home because life here is pretty darn sweet too !! I missed my cats, my friends, my family, my blogs, my pillows and my slippers. I am ready to jump into my next project here & get back into my daily routine !!

We have lots of Show & Tell ... and presents !!

I'm HAPPY to be back !!

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Happy Stamper said...

I am sorry, I have NO sympathy for your feet....I have a prune story that tops those 'blistered bad boys' by far! He! He! Glad you both had a great trip!

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