Monday, September 15, 2008

whew ... Monday is Recovery Day !!

Wow ... good thing we didn't fly out this morning - I need a day to recover !! Busy busy - but wonderful & productive - weekend !! Friday night we had to pick up & deliver beautiful roasting chickens ... lovely !! Then errands, then a visit with my family, then it was 11pm and still no cake baked for the goat BBQ !! YIKES !!! So that cake became a jellied salad - genius !! that is so much easier !!! .... and I actually got to bed before 1:30 ! WAHOO !!!
Saturday was an insanely busy day at the store ... I was pooped by 1pm. "Energy - come find me !!" We decided to visit Charlie's stepmom & bring her a few chickens for the winter freezer. great step as she was also going to the goat BBQ but had terrible directions. So we took her with us ! Off we all went ... and what a party !!! There was a band (that I played with ...) , a huge tent FULL of food, roasted chickens-turkeys-roast beef-goat-hotdogs-hamburgers ..., horse rides, bonfire, anything anyone could want. It was amazing !! And , best of all, my sister in law was there whom I haven't seen for years ! It was just a wonderful evening !!
Then Sunday ... let the cleaning marathon begin !!! I finished up (pretty much) the wonderful craft/dining room, then we cleaned the house from top to bottom , stem to stern, and then did laundry. Oh my ... it was a an exhausting day ... the last laundry went into the dryer at 2am ... PLAIN TUCKERED OUT !!!! But it was a great weekend & we rocked that cleaning thing !! WAHOO!!!
Here's to a bit of a slower day ... and then LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN !!!

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Happy Stamper said...

Wowsers! What a weekend you had! How lucky for the Band that you were there to join them!
Have a splendiferous trip!

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