Monday, September 8, 2008

I am the NINJA , Koo Koo Ka Choo

I was a NINJA this weekend !! It was awesome !!
Let me back up a bit ... we were working on the wonderful room, repurposing some old shelving. I wanted the backs out as they were a bit water damaged & the wall colour would look so nice showing through. I suggested that we KICK them out because it would be really fun ! Charlie said the shelf would probably collapse ... always practical ! So we carefully took the back off. The next one he said "Maybe you should kick this one". HA !! HIIIIYYYAAAAAAAAAH! I gave it a mighty NINJA KICK and smashed off the middle board. WOWEE !!! Then another blow - this time the board didn't move - a bit of an "OW" for the ninja's toe... So another kick to the other side - again removing a board. I told Charlie to take a turn , no point in hogging all the fun ! He PUNCHED the back (never thought of that !!). I did too ... but I am not much of a puncher - it really hurt- so I went back to kicking !! What a great time !!
I am sure I was meant to be a NINJA ... but there are only 3 other Ninja style times in my life that I can remember. One involved a giant ceramic piggy bank , a fencing maul, and the "glass pit of doom". That was unbelievably awesome !!
The other involves a trip to the Construction Debris site with a friend (and much smashing of glass) while the other centres around bushels of tomatoes. Ahhh, the great memories !!
I have a NINJA SKILLS pin from Etsy that I used to wear but there was a bit of a really non-ninja style accident and I am not as fond of it. It fell in the toilet one day - after the toilet had been used but not before it was flushed. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO " was my comment - drawn out like in the slow motion shots in the movies. I was torn - I couldn't let the poor little ninja pin be flushed away with poop but I also could not PUT MY HAND IN !! What to do ??? Aha! A Ninja thinks on her feet. A nice little wine glass as a scoop, and a few swift Ninja moves & the pin was in the sink. Many Many Many sprays of Windex ... and the pin still lays there ... someday I'll forget about the little pin bobbing in the toilet ... but the memories are too fresh right now ...
Anyway have a KICK ASS NINJA DAY !!


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! I would love to have seen yours & Charlie's Ninja moves! I have a similar toilet story, but mine involves a retainer instead of a pin and luckily no poopoo was involved! lol! My reflexes were to just dive right in and grab that bad I did and after many soaks in disenfectant...well, my teeth are still straight right? So, you know the rest of the story...ewww!!
Hattie Bit

Happy Stamper said...

Your last Ninja story should have been called, I Am the Ninja, Poo Poo Pe Doo! Sorry, I have no Ninja stories but a few poop stories I could tell!

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