Thursday, February 26, 2009

HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!! Any suggestions ??

Okay ... I have reached my limit ... I am declaring WAR !!!
Every morning, I arrive at work to find several big VISIBLE cat spray spots on my front door. This damn night-walker sprays my door, under the windows when there is no snow, the step, my back step ... everywhere !! Then he goes out back & performs the same ritual around the warehouse but not on the doors. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH !!!
So every morning, I dread the last few steps up to the store because I know I will be assaulted by that disgusting smell. And every morning I scrub the front door, scrub the step, spray repellent ( hah! like that works...) and then start trying to get rid of the smell. It is everywhere. I have used every repellent, get-rid-of-stink spray, air freshener, cleanser, baking soda, charcoal ... anything !! And none of it works that well. the only thing that works is a snow storm ... keeps the little bastard away.
Does anyone have any suggestions ??
Right now the only other thing we can do is use a live trap, catch him, and then call animal patrol. He will eventually go to the shelter. I feel badly because he may be someones cat ... but I guess if he was loved, he'd be home at night.

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