Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Interrupt this Recovery program for Valentine's Day ...

So today is Valentine's Day ... it's a funny day ... it means the world to you if you are newly, freshly attached to someone... it means way too much if you aren't ... and when you have been happily attached for a significant period of time it is a day to get groceries ... funny. I feel the love everyday and could care or less about the red trappings of the 14th of Feb. Actually care less ... way less ... our cats are flower eaters so that is always just BAD ... and I SHOULD NOT be a chocolate eater and am usually at this point in the winter totally sworn off the little brown guys ... and I actually don't like roses or those icky truffley chocolates. So it is not a big thing for me. Now , let Hallowe'en or my birthday slip by and the proverbial fan has been hit with you-know-what !!
But I think Valentine's should be the chance to let EVERYONE and ANYONE that you love, know that you love them. I did buy a heart shaped box of chocolates ... for my brother. I will kiss my beloved husband and tell him I love him. I am right now telling all of my friends out there - YES ! YOU ! ... that I love you. I heart my cats. I heart my family. heart my customers. I heart the people I meet in my daily life. I heart myself ... and you should all heart yourselves too. A GREAT BIG PINK HEART TO YOU ALL !!!

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Just Plain Happy said...

Hey Pam,
I feel like I have been AWOL, haven't even checked blogs or blogged in a while,but so glad I stopped by today to say 'I Love You'.
From the beginning it seemed like I have known you the comfort and familiarity of a favourite cozy sweater. I feel safe and warm and myself with you. I trust you with my HEART....

Happy Heart Day!
Hope your weekend is all that you hoped it would be!

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