Wednesday, February 25, 2009


A good week ... and some happy highlights ...
BUT FIRST ... about Miss Ann . No, she was NOT my cat. She hosted Romper Room. She was a person. I had a friend call from BC to ask about my cat that had died... ah, no. I can't believe people don't remember Miss Ann ... thanks Taryn for restoring my faith in magical mystical childhood ! She remembered Miss Ann AND the bread bees ... but sadly Taryn, I don't remember the nativity scene. Maybe my Mom bought atheist bread ???
But here are some of the highlights from the past week or so ...
1. The Passionate Eye on CBC ... they had a documentary "ABBA to Mamma Mia". It showed how the band formed, the making of the musical, and then the natural progression to the movie. It was great. ABBA puts me in my happy place. I have an imaginary list in my head of bands/acts I want to see in my lifetime. On the "A" list is ABBA, Queen (with Freddie Mercury, not that new dude), and Leonard Cohen. So ... the list isn't too realistic as Freddie is dead and ABBA is done. BUT, Charlie & I were oh, so lucky and got to see "Mamma Mia" the musical in Toronto. Close enough for me ! It was FAB !!! The colours were breathtaking, the singing, the whirling & twirling ... sigh ... so beautiful. Then we went a few years later to see "We Will Rock You", the Queen musical. Again close enough for me. It had us on our feet, fists pumping in the air, tears running down the cheeks ( well, mine) , belting out We Will Rock You. An amazing experience. And then, in the perfect hat trick, I saw THE REAL Leonard Cohen in concert. I cried as soon as he sang. I swooned. I fell completely in love with him again.
Now the "B" list is a different story ... B-52s, The Go-Gos, and the Village People. Can you tell which era I am reliving ????
2. Spent the morning at E&R Glass with my friend Terrie. WOW ! We saw so much beautiful glass, learned a lot, got to use the grinder, and were invited back !! (That doesn't always happen ...!!!) It was beautiful inspiration. I bought a kick ass soldering iron with a RHEOSTAT and a stand. FLUX here I come !!!
3. Watched The Hour last night ... GORDON PINSENT was on !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gordon. His voice is sooooo beautiful and he is just plain adorable. I loved John & the Mrs. And one of my favourite movie lines comes from one of his movies ..."I'm not worth as much naked as I used to be. " Isn't that a great line ??? Anyway, I met him too !!! Gave him a tour & helped him do a little needlepoint years ago. Another wonderful experience !!
4. Made a super duper kick ass -if-I-do-say-so-myself coconut cream pie. It was amazing ... so coconutty piled high with meringue & lightly toasted coconut. YUMMO !! Tonight, the masterpiece will be a mega lasagna ! This is my version of solid tangible love for Charlie ... two of his favourites.
5. I have 2 big cartons here at work to unpack. One is full of paper & scrappin' stuff while the other is FULL of thousands (I don't kid !!) Swarovski crystals. Lucky me !!
Have a great week !!

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