Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it Time to Go Home Yet ??!!

Actually it is 10:13 am ... so probably not. I can't even fake a spell ... there is no audience .
Oh, my, are there ever days that just crush you before you even get started ? I try REALLY hard to be positive, to suck things up, to keep moving on ... but WHOA NELLY !!! There are days !! And this whole week has had a bit of history & drama ... sounds like a cable package ... so there is a good basis to build on !! The damned sprayer was back last night despite the THICK layer of repellent I sprayed. So I had that to deal with again this morning. And there were other problems after that ... from which I will spare you ... Add an old cat who isn't doing as well with his medication as we had hoped ... and who is SUPER PICKY !!! It is a crap shoot every day to see if he will eat the food we have to offer ... do you know how many different kinds of cat food we have bought in the last few weeks ??? I'm surprised we can afford to eat ourselves ! So I am heating the outdoors again this morning so I can get some FRESH air blowing in here to get rid of that Mr Stud Cat smell and trying to appease a crotchety old cat. And the newest food ... which he seems to like ( shit !! ) is soooo gross that it made me get sick. Another nice part of the morning. So I am already looking at the clock thinking "Is it time to go hooooommmme ?"
Suck it up self ... there are children starving in Africa.

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