Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am hiding ... or wishing I was running away ...

Haven't blogged in a while ... afraid I might :
A. whine too much
b. vent my spleen
C. say things I shouldn't
D. wish a pox on someone, anyone. no one in particular.
Yes ... that's right ... I am in a somewhat pissy mood. Worn down by all the ass kicking that went on and still feeling the occasional boot to the butt. And wanting a day ... just one day ... when we can do something fun and not pay attention to the wood, the not-working-washer, the crappy frozen drain, all the stock maintenance at the store, planning ahead for new arrivals, parcels to wrangle to the mail, late delivery trucks, product not arriving, product to return, commitments, messed up schedules & routines, .... JUST ONE DAY OF FUN !!! OOPS, I may have completed [A] so far !! But really, we have had so many concerns - REAL LIFE concerns - as we run out of wood, have things freeze, freeze-thaw-and-break, track down wood, vet appointments all over , cream for ears at work, goo for eyes at home, ... oh so much. And none of it will kill us , I realize that. But add that to sleeping poorly & sinus sinus sinus ... ohh sinus ... and it feels mighty wearing. So ... I need to stop complaining ... but I can't seem to. Help ... I've fallen into complaining and I can't stop ....
So ... no point in JUST complaining ... I need a plan to fix all this . So I am doing a super duper mambo weather dance/wish/voodoo spell/fervent prayer that it will be reasonable weather this weekend and we can hop in the car , go somewhere, see some new faces, buy ourselves something FAB, eat a good meal, and just be "away from the poop" for a day. I think that's all it will take. And not because it's Valentine's day - I prefer to be loved all year NOT just on the 14th day of the 2nd month . Just because it is SAVE OUR SANITY day !! And then we will happily toddle home, parcels in tow, yummy tummies, happy faces... Ahhh , can't wait !
I will be a new girl/my old self after that. Hooray !

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Amy said...

I know how you feel, Pam...I do the exact same thing when I'm in a mood! I don't want to drag anyone else down, too...but, sometimes venting is all you can do and it feels so good when you do, doesn't it? Hope you get your wish this weekend...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xo

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