Monday, August 31, 2009


Just a bunch of odds 'n'sods ...
* Nothing dead under the rug this week = good week.
* We have 5 cords of UNcut-up wood in our driveway so it is completely full. It even overflows onto the retaining wall and over the steps to get up to the doorstep. That means that we have a plank from the ground to the top of the wall that we walk up every night and down every morning. We carry our groceries UP the plank, balancing all the way . I AM A FREAKIN' PIRATE "WALKIN' THE PLANK" everyday !!! But it is romantic because the other pirate in the house holds my hand so I don't fall ... so I guess it's pretty good.
* Oh, yeah, that 5 cords will have to be piled when it's cut to make way for the 10 more coming ... I will be a MUSCLEY PIRATE by fall !!!
* I am loving this weather ... warm but fresh ... makes me want to plan a gazillion things ...
* I made chutney and blueberry/concord grape jelly this week.
* I am working on a party for this weekend ... and I am so excited . I LOVE PARTIES !!! Love to cook for people, love to make things to give away & decorate with , love to just BE with people . Sweet as sweet can be !
* I am having HESTER WITHDRAWAL. Hester (the hearse) has been gone most of the month and I miss her so. First she had to have the air conditioning fixed, then off for her make-over. That has taken longer than anticipated because of paint drying times, etc .. But ...oh ... it will be soooo soon. And then we will all celebrate at the Hester Hearse Party. WAHOO !!!
* Back-to-school ... doesn't matter how old you are or how long you have been out of school, it seems you feel that same "new-bookbag, fresh-looseleaf" thing. It is a time to make lists, make plans, start projects, plan trips & dreams, bake, cook, tidy, just fill the glorious days with progress & fun. It really is a great time of year !!
* We bought a 3 foot rat ... not real ... Charlie has named him "Hugh Dirty" as in "Hugh Dirty Rat". Get it ?
* Our niece flies out today to Norway for a semester. Have a great time Kari !! We think you are amazing !!
I think that's all ... lots to do ... have to get started & rock this week !! See you !!

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