Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NAME that TOOL !!!

(By the way ... the gook on the edge is from the recycling bin NOT what is about to be described !!!)
Can you name that tool ? What ?? You think it is half a plastic lid ? NO WAY !!!
It is a gen-u-ine flat mole scraper. Let me explain.
Last week we came home from work to see the area rug in the kitchen all balled up. The cats had been playing. Charlie flattened it out. I did see a clump of cat hair but my hands were full and the rug was spread before I thought of it again. Then the next night I felt a lump. Hmmm ... I flipped up the corner but saw nothing. I continued to walk on it thinking it was probably just a thicker spot in the rug. ...DUN DUN DUN (foreshadowing)
Yesterday in the 1000 degree heat I contemplated scrubbing the really quite sticky floor. ( you know how people say you could eat off someone's floor ? Well ... you could mine ... for about a week, especially if you went under the cupboards....) I decide just to shake the rug out & scrub later. I grabbed the rug to go out & saw the clump of hair again. WAIT ... that looks strange ... OH MY GOD !!! It was not hair ... it was a FLAT DEAD MOLE. And wait ... the "thicker spot in the rug" ... that was another one. That one was undoubtedly flat because of *GULP* my stepping on it , REPEATEDLY for 2 days. EWWWWW. ( It must have been (eww) stuck to the back of the rug when I checked earlier.) Apparently the cats weren't playing ... they were burying !!
So now the scene is set. There is no way I can't wash the floor, 1000 degrees or not. SO I then realize they need to come up off the floor. I naively think I can flick them up with the dust pan. NOPE. Oh, dear, I need a mole scraper. So I cut a lid in half and quite professionally flick the first one up. (this is a big deal as I can't even clean up the litter box or cat throw up without being sick ... actually "run to the bathroom sick". YUCK )So I am feeling pretty cocky. This is easy. Mole number 2. Oh, not so good. It is really stuck to the floor. I give a hefty scrape and part of the body flops up but it is STILL STUCK. Well, this is where the gagging & running to the bathroom sets in. After I lean against the sink, completely in a sweat. Oh, god, how am I ever going to get that off ? Can I really bear to leave it for 4 hours until Charlie comes home ?
SO I put on my big girl panties, take a deep breath, try to settle my stomach, and give it two mighty scrapes, stomach retching the whole time. Finally Flat Moley pops off the floor. I deposit the paper thin carcasses in the green bin and scrub the floor.
On to better things !!! This is my latest venture.
I picked this kit up this weekend. Now I just need to stop at Home Hardware tonight for safety glasses & a small fire extinguisher ... and then I AM GOOD TO GO !!
Yesterday was hot, hot , hot (can I say it again ?) HOT ! But the day ended beautifully. Deedee & Stephen stopped by and we sat , in the dark, up on the hill in the secret garden, watching the stars, eating watermelon, throwing the rinds back over our heads into the bushes, and listening to the water. *SIGH* It was heavenly.
Have a great day & take some time to lay out under the stars - you'll feel part of something REALLY BIG !!


Taryn said...

I have my own wildlife tale. I caught two bats here at 4am the other night!

Anonymous said...

Pam, you crack me up!


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