Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another quick update - two days in a row !!!

Charlie the Cat Whisperer has been taming the momma cat and is now able to touch her head when she eats. Last night he patted her while he fed her. But that's not actually the news.
Our neighbour called out that she had one of the kittens in her house. She heard crying & found it on the beach wedged in the rocks. The sweet thing would probably have drowned if she hadn't found it. So she asked if we wanted to come see it. Charlie went over while I fed Momma AND TOUCHED HER TOO !! Then I went over. Well, it was Baby Mask !! Trotting around as if he owned the house ! She said the mother had brought him over and he must have fallen. Seemed strange that Momma would take only him away but there he was. We played with him & chatted, promised to try to find a home for him and came home. But she said she had him for the last 3 days ... we were sure we had seen Mask in that time. After we got home we peeked out the window with the flashlight ... Spike, B1, B2, and ... MASK. MASK ??? Yep. Mask. She had a smaller IDENTICAL , perhaps 1 month younger version of Mask ! There are 2 batches of kittens ... obviously with the same Baby Daddy !
Welcome to the future stray cat capital of Nova Scotia !!

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday for my daily smile!
So glad that I found your positive view on life that you readily share with others. Please keep them coming.
Thank you.

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